Iloilo | Island Hopping Adventure in Islas de Gigantes

Islas de Gigantes is the best place to go to when you want to maximize the summer season. It is a group of islands found in the northeastern section of Iloilo, Philippines. This group of islands is a famous all-year-round destination for Filipinos and foreigners alike.

Cabugao Gamay, Islas de Gigantes

Cebu | The Marian Shrine in Simala, Sibonga

About 50 kilometers southeast of Cebu City is where Sibonga situated. It is a 3rd municipal income class municipality in the province which blooms perfectly in the ears of tourists and Marian devotees because of their popular pilgrimage destination – The Mary’s Shrine, Simala Shrine, Simala Church, Monastery of the Holy Eucharist, Marian Temple or Sanctuary Castle of Mama Mary as it is being called. Whatever it may be, people are heading to visit the shrine of hallowed Our Lady of Lindogon who is the Blessed Virgin Mary and is locally known as “Birhen sa Simala”.

Marian Temple

Siquijor | Amazing Things to Do at Salagdoong Beach of Maria

Siquijor Island is one of the must visit islands in the Philippines. Rich in turquoise waters and wonderful beaches. This remote area in Visayas is one of the most magnificent and paradise-like places. As you hear about Siquijor, you might think about spiritual rituals, witchcraft, and other mysterious stories about the island.

Salagdoong Beach

Siquijor | The Majestic Cambugahay Falls of Lazi

Sometimes the best vacation you can have is not wherein you’re staying in a hotel room with majestic pools and cool aircon. There are times that the best way to relieve your stress is to remove yourself from modern things and immerse yourself in places that make you embrace nature.

Cambugahay Falls of Siquijor

Travel Guide| Interesting Spots and Things to do in Siquijor Province

In Philippine history, Siquijor province was known as a province to have mysterious witchcraft and home for many spirit healers. But in present time, Siquijor province is famous for the mysterious way it helps heal any visitor by just the mere beauty of the place. As impossible at it seems even problems of the heart, Siquijor help you forget them all.

Siquijor Travel Guide

7 Effective Tips for Writing a Case Study

Learn how to write a formidable case study using the tips we provide. If you follow the work structure properly your paper will get the maximum grade. 

Bohol | Cabagnow Cave Pool of Anda

Longing for white-sand beaches that surpass even that of Boracay’s? Head on to Anda, Bohol. The place boasts its clean and unspoiled beaches. Around the vicinity of the area, you can see no trash as you can only see natural wastes such as coconuts, wood, shells and sea grasses being washed ashore. Anda, Bohol, by far, is a precious gem that is yet to be discovered.

Cabagnow Cave Pool in Anda, Bohol

Travel Guide| Interesting Spots and Things to do in Bohol Province

There are more than 7,600 islands here in the Philippines! And each island, each province, has a lot of beautiful and breathtaking destinations that cannot even be counted by two hands. One province here in the Philippines that seems like it has an unlimited things to see and to do is Bohol.

Travel Guide Bohol

5 Must-Do Activities When You Visit Perth

There is more to Australia than its popular cities in the eastern side. Try exploring the western part of the Land Down Under and you will be in awe. Western Australia’s capital, Perth, is an interesting city with a great combination of natural attractions and modern living. Each traveler will certainly have fun discovering plenty of things while here.