Siquijor | The Majestic Cambugahay Falls of Lazi

Sometimes the best vacation you can have is not wherein you’re staying in a hotel room with majestic pools and cool aircon. There are times that the best way to relieve your stress is to remove yourself from modern things and immerse yourself in places that make you embrace nature.

Cambugahay Falls of Siquijor

You get the same majestic pools and cool breeze but in a more natural setting. 

Cambugahay Falls in Siquijor is definitely a way better choice for a vacation than going to a hotel. Why is that? Because, there is nothing better than being one with nature. And this is the go-to place for it.

Cambugahay Falls of Siquijor

Cambugahay is a waterfall with 3 major tiers. Each tier is somewhat shallow in its height however the width of the falls itself makes it look like they are curtains covering every rock behind it. At the bottom of the falls you would find a beautiful basin that has quite cerulean blue or turquoise color that looks like water where mermaids would swim and bathe. Sometimes when the water hits its basin, a small mist occurs which makes it look quite mystical. But just the look of the falls itself is inviting enough to make you want to take a dip.

Cambugahay Falls of Siquijor

Once you do take a dip it feels like all that heat that is bottled up inside you because of all the stress and fatigue you’ve been feeling just goes away. The water is just cool enough to give you a relaxing and soothing feel. The water from the falls originates from natural springs that are located in the mountain areas of the island.

Cambugahay Falls of Siquijor

Cambugahay Falls of Siquijor

When you go to the lowest tier of Cambugahay, you’d definitely feel like a child not only because you’d be waddling around in the basin but because there is also a swing here that you can ride. And it is also great for some photo op since the background is beautiful. And if you want to feel some thrill, you can choose to jump off from the top of falls since the water is deep enough for your canon ball jump. Just make sure you’re jumping off from the right tier, so better ask your guides to be sure.

Cambugahay Falls of Siquijor

Cambugahay Falls of Siquijor

And just in case you got tired of all the swimming, all the jumping, and all the swinging, you can sit back and relax in the tables and chairs found in the area. You can also bring your own snacks so you have something to munch on. Just remember to throw them in the proper place!

And if this isn’t enough for you, here are additional waterfalls you can also see in Siquijor.

You can also check out Lugnason Falls. Its water basin is deep and the height of the falls is higher. Something you’d enjoy because not a lot of people visit it, so you can have it all to yourself.

Now if you really want to see something of great heights, Cangbangag falls would be something that make you tilt your head up and look how the falls soar up in the sky.

  • Open from 7:00AM to 5:30PM only
  • Entrance Fee : None
  • Parking Fee : Motorcycle: Php10.00; PUJ and Truck: Php30.00; Multicab: Php30.00; Tricycle:Php20.00
  • No littering please! Let’s do our part in preserving the cleanliness and beauty of Cambugahay Falls
  • Bring food - there are no sari-sari stores or restaurants in the area
  • Bring lots of water or I should say “energy drinks”? Steps going down and up requires stamina
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes
  • Don’t forget your camera, and enjoy!

Here’s the detailed Siquijor Travel Guide on HOW TO GET THERE.
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Tara! Let's explore Siquijor and its majestic waterfalls!


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  1. This is my first time go to see at here and i am genuinely happy to read
    everthing at single place.

  2. Hi,

    The Cambugahay Falls are so beautiful! I love them. Have you been to Croatia? In Croatia, my homeland, we have the Plitvice lakes waterfalls. They are said to be one of the World Nature Wonders.


  3. Ang ganda! Pareho kayo ni Lai mahilig sa waterfalls. Hanggang Kawasan Falls lang ako sa Cebu. Never been to Siquijor, hopefully I can get a chance to visit and explore Siquijor.

  4. After being in Philippines for Almost 2 years I can say that Siquijor is one of my favourite places. Great article!

  5. Looks pretty. I liked the kids playing around. It looks so peaceful and away from civilization. I would love to stay there for a while.

  6. You're right. There is nothing like being surrounded by nature. This waterfall is so beautiful and the water looks so pristine. Sounds like a fun and refreshing place to spend a few hours.

  7. Beautiful place. It seems to be popular among tourists and a lot of activities are around. The natural setting of the falls is lovely.

  8. It was 4 years ago when I traipsed my two little itchy feet here and I've tried the tarzan swing. Anyway, I'll be travelling to Siquijor perhaps next month and I can't wait to take a dip in the turquoise water of Cambugahay Falls again. I love your amazing shots, it really gives justice to the innate beauty of the falls.

  9. I completely agree with you that we need vacations where we leave our modern amenities behind amidst such gorgeous landscapes. Your photos not only make them look lovely, but also fun.

  10. The Cambugahay Falls of Lazi look absolutely splendid! The beauty of nature is in its full swing. Would love to visit there!

  11. Philippines, Philippines, Philippines!!!!!! I really wanna head to Philippines!!! You guys are so so blessed with the bounty of mother nature!!!
    Cambugahay falls looks so ethereal. I'm very much intrigued when you say its the kind where mermaids would swim........


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