Travel Guide| Interesting Spots and Things to do in Siquijor Province

In Philippine history, Siquijor province was known as a province to have mysterious witchcraft and home for many spirit healers. But in present time, Siquijor province is famous for the mysterious way it helps heal any visitor by just the mere beauty of the place. As impossible at it seems even problems of the heart, Siquijor help you forget them all.

Siquijor Travel Guide

This is why if ever you are looking for a way to mend your broken heart, need a break from your life, or you just want to see a new side of the Philippines, Siquijor is your next travel destination.

Siquijor Travel Guide

Here are some of the things you can do and the places you can see.

Be amazed by the White Sand Beach at the Port Area 

Wouldn’t it be so relaxing to go to a beach that would make you feel like you’re in the beach-of-heaven? The White Sand Beach at the Port Area in Siquijor is one that you shouldn’t miss out on. It is completely breathtaking. Perfect for friends who want to go somewhere instagrammable and where you can play volleyball or built a campfire. 

One of the most beautiful port areas I’ve ever seen because of its long and wide coast of fine-white sand beach with clear-bluish water.

Siquijor Port

Siquijor Port

Siquijor Port

Refresh in Capilay Spring of San Juan 

Located in the middle of the town proper of San Juan is a man-made pool of natural spring water – just perfect for a relaxing dip anytime of the day. The spring pool with clear and cool- turquoise water is open to the public. Just expect crowdedness during weekends and summer! 

Capilay Spring

Capilay Spring

Swim in Salagdoong Beach and Cliff jumping

Swimming is always a good stress reliever. The Salagdoong beach may not be the most beautiful beach in Siquijor but it is definitely a quaint and peaceful one. Plus the turquoise waters are calming. But what really makes people go here is that if you want to try something daring, you can try cliff jumping! Quench your thirst for thrill.

Salagdoong Beach

Salagdoong Beach



Stop by at Salagdoong Man-made Molave Forest 

The sand and the water itself isn’t the only thing you’d love about going to Salagdoong beach, getting there you will see and love the beautiful man-made forest. The Molave trees that soar up high that sway with the wind is a beauty in itself. Take your time as you pass by it, enjoy the scene.

Salagdoong Molave Forest

Relax in the Fish Spa at Old Enchanted Balete Spring

There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a little treat after all the hard work you’ve done. A simple thing you can give yourself is a relaxing day at the Fish Spa. Yes, fish spa. Let these adorable little fishes remove your worries such as your dead skin. Enjoy the little nibbles. And if you enjoyed it so much, you can actually get some souvenirs nearby. Food and drinks are also available nearby.

Old Enchanted Balete Spring

Old Enchanted Balete Spring

Old Enchanted Balete Spring

Old Enchanted Balete Spring

A Mini Zoo just beside the Old Enchanted Balete Spring

Personally, I am against of caging these beautiful creatures and I won’t recommend patronizing this kind of attraction; I just visited and took photographs of the animals in this mini-zoo to show the rich biodiversity of the island province. I believe that these beautiful creatures belong to their natural environment, the forests of Siquijor!

Siquijor Nature
A caged flying fox in a mini zoo located just beside the Old Enchanted Balete Tree Spring

Siquijor Nature
Caged varieties of beautiful pigeons in the mini zoo located just beside the Enchanted Old Balete Tree Spring

Marvel at the Cambugahay Falls 

Its cascading waterfalls are a sight to see. The Cambugahay falls is a three-tiered waterfall that is unlike any other waterfalls you’ve seen. It is definitely different from the usual waterfalls you would see. The light green waters it has gives it an even more earthy feel to it. If fairies existed, this is where they would want to go.

Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls

Visit Lugnason Falls

If you still haven’t had your fill of seeing and getting to swim in waterfalls, Lugnason falls can be your next stop. Quite similar to the Cambugahay and you can be assured that you can enjoy the falls peacefully.

Stop by at some Heritage Churches 

Old buildings always have this unique charm to them. Most especially if they are buildings built for religious purposes, such as churches or mosques. And in Siquijor, there are many heritage churches that are interesting to see. Not only because they are old and still sturdy, but also because even back then, art was already expressed so intricately in the design of churches. 

Siquijor Church
Saint Francis de Asisi Church of Siquijor

Lazi Church
The San Isidro Labrador Church of Lazi

Visit the Lazi Convent 

But if you really want to visit something that some even consider it a relic, it is the Lazi Convent. The Lazi Convent is the one of the oldest in the province. Its age is just one of the many reasons why people are astounded by it. The structure and design of it is done in such a simple way but its charm is unique.

Lazi Convent

Discover the Amazing view at the Triad

Sometimes all you have to do is just appreciate a moment, a scene, or a place for you to enjoy life. And the Triad has the most breathtaking, astounding, and heartwarming view that you will ever see in Siquijor. There really are no words to explain how majestic the place is and how wonderful is the feeling it can give you.

The Triad
Triad is actually a restaurant/coffee shop, halo-halo is a must try while watching the sunset!

Siquijor View
A beautiful view from the Triad

The Stunning Mountain View at Barangay Canlambo

March 2017, 9:00AM. Finding the alternative way going to the upland Barangay of Canlambo from Larena town proper - for our usual community visits, we unexpectedly found a good spot to see one of the province’s stunning mountain ridges. We simple named the spot as “Canlambo view deck”. I am imagining a more beautiful photograph if only the shot was taken early in the morning when clouds and sunrise blends magically. My fault, I forgot to record the exact GPS!

The View at Barangay Canlambo

See the Oldest house in Siquijor

A little of old in the new is always good. The oldest house in Siquijor may not be a number priority on your list, or it might be the grandest looking old house that you expect, but it still is old enough to have its own story. 

Located (along the highway, facing the sea) in Barangay Libo, Enrique Viallanueva town, Cang-isok House is the oldest known surviving house in Siquijor. All historical structures have had its fair share of stories. This one definitely has.

Cang-isok House


From Manila 

There are daily flights going to Dumaguete. You can choose either PAL or Cebu Pacific. From Dumaguete, you can ride a tricycle to Dumaguete Port. Ferries can be found there that will lead you to Siquijor. 

From Dumaguete 

Take a trike to Dumaguete Port and ride the ferry bound to Siquijor. 

From Cebu 

You can take Uber or Grab going to South Bus Terminal. Ride the bus that is bound to Liloan, Santander Municipality. Once you’re there, you can ride the ferry headed to Sibulan port. From the Sibulan Port, you will find jeepneys and trikes going to Dumaguete City. Ride that and after arriving, take a trike going to Dumaguete Port. There will be a ferry then bound for Siquijor. 

From Bohol

In Tagbilaran, Bohol, you will find a direct ferry that goes to Siquijor. OceanJet serves Larena- Tagbilaran (vice versa) route daily

From Mindanao

You may want to begin in Cebu. So you can get a flight at the Cagayan De Oro Airport headed to Cebu. Or ride a ferry in Cagayan De Oro Port headed to Cebu. Then from there, just follow the instructions from the “From Cebu” guide.

There are regular trips of RORO and Fastcraft from Zamboanga del Norte (Dipolog and Dapitan) to Dumaguete City. Travel time ranges from 4-6 hours.

Not all [interesting] spots and things to do in Siquijor are listed here, I just included all these places and activities I personally visited/experienced. Rates are correct as of the published date. Help me in updating this travel guide, please comment down below other interesting spots and things to do in Siquijor Province.

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  1. I want to go swimming right away after seeing your lovely photos! So many great pools of water - and the convent and other buildings look very interesting

  2. I can see why Siquijor is said to be healing. The view from the mountains is amazing. And I would definitely like to try the fish spa. I'm always up for a new experience and it sounds really interesting.

  3. Oh my goodness, I can't believe I've never heard of this place before! I'm not sure I'd make it past the white sand beaches. I could sunbathe and swim in them all day. Except I'd have to go see the waterfalls as well. I'm a sucker for a good waterfall!

  4. OMG, I wish I could jump from that cliff into the turquoise water of Salagdoong Beach right now! I could only imagine how good stress-relief would be!!

  5. Philippines is gorgeous. I could stay in the country for the bountiful gifts that it has received from Mother Nature!
    The white sands & pristine water is just breathtaking!!!

  6. Cliff jumping scares the hell out of me so I don't think I'll try that. Although I will love to spend my time at these crystal clear beaches and see if there is an option to snorkel or dive underwater.

  7. Wow! Siquijor seems like such a tropical paradise replete with white sand beaches, waterfalls and jungle. I especially enjoyed the white sand beach at the port area and Cambugahay Falls.

  8. This is an absolute paradise to visit. Love the pristine beaches and the water. Who would want the pool with beaches like that. The cathedral too looks amazing.

  9. Wow.. This place has everything I would ever need.. A beautiful beach at the Port, a waterfall, a forest and mountains. no wonder this place has the power to heal. Such a lovely place and yet another gem in the philippines.

  10. I haven't been to the Philippines yet! Cambugahay Falls would be one of my first stops! Love those paradise beaches with blue water!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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