GUEST POST| Exploring Frankfurt a City of Culture, Arts and Amazing International Diversity

Frankfurt is a city of many different contrasts and is one of the most popular cities to explore in Europe. This diverse capital city, is the financial and business hub of Germany, and has some amazing buildings for you to admire. The distinct futuristic skyline is world famous, and attracts people of all ages and backgrounds.


Home to the German Stock Exchange and the European Central Bank, this city is considered to be the financial capital of Germany. However, there are several other reasons to explore the city, and you will soon discover that Frankfurt is fascinating. With so much happening throughout the city it is easy to miss many things.

Visiting Frankfurt can be done throughout the year; however, the best times are late spring to early autumn. The summer months are a fantastic time to explore, however, it can get quite hot during the day. Winters in the city can be cold, but it rarely snows throughout Frankfurt, making it ideal for travellers all year.

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This city has a huge array of different contrasts, and attracts large numbers of people from all different backgrounds. Students and backpackers will rub shoulders with bankers and stock market gurus. Alongside sky scrapers, you will discover quaint old fashioned buildings, making the city amazing to explore.

There are some major tourists attractions that you may want to visit, however, if you search further afield, off the beaten track, you may be surprised at what is on offer. Neighbourhoods such as Sachsenhausen, Bornheim, Nordend and Bockenheim are not as well visited, but are as fascinating to explore.

With the stunning 19th century parks and streets you will be in awe of what the city has to offer, regardless of why you choose Frankfurt. A staggering 25% of residents in Frankfurt are not German, proving that this city is a cultural hub. Once there you will want to explore everything, and although you may run out of time, this provides the ultimate excuse to return.

The Main Tower is considered to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Frankfurt, and is one of the tallest towers in the world. Located in the city centre, you will never be able to miss this amazing building. Standing at a staggering 650 feet, this tower provides the best view of the city, and some incredible eateries around the base.

Shopping has become a popular past time in Frankfurt, and there are several malls for you to choose, including the Zeil shopping street. This area of the city is a Mecca for shoppers, and even if you do not want to purchase anything, you can enjoy people watching. There are so many shops in this area that it can get intense, which is why you need to be prepared, and take your time.

The Botanical Gardens are full of exciting, vibrant, and unusual species of plants and flowers, providing the ultimate haven to escape. With over 6000 different species, you can spend hours wandering through the tranquil gardens, and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Frankfurt has so much to offer, and once you have visited you will understand the appeal. 

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  1. Frankfurt is such a nice place to visit since Germany is really rich in heritage and culture.

  2. a place that for sure will go to my wish to travel list. Sigh!

  3. Is Kempinski Hotel Gravenbruch a budget hotel? I am wondering how much would be the budget for accommodation, food and travel here.

    1. you can visit this link @Rochkirstin

      thanks for dropping here:)

  4. It's always my dream to visit Europe and I'll put Frankfurt in my bucket list. I also want to visit my friend who happens to live in Germany. Thanks for this post! :D

  5. Once I get a chance to get a European trip, I'll definitely visit Frankfurt first. I love the Main Tower and Botanical gardens. Definitely worth every penny. Thanks for sharing:)

  6. Frankfurt seems like an interesting place to visit with many things to do. I always though that it snowed a lot in Germany but now I know that Frankfurt is different.

  7. another country that I wanted to travel is germany which i have seen many gorgeous photos from pinterest!Nice advice to be in frankfurt and enjoy the place more!

  8. Germany is really a great place to visit, especially culture-rich cities such as Frankfurt. The city also offers a wide range of places to explore and great food to taste!

  9. The phrase "quaint old fashioned buildings" caught my attention as old style structures are what I often look out for in any place I visit.

  10. oh I like to see a botanical garden someday. sounds like this is a nice place to tour.

  11. it is in my bucket list to visit places like Germany... i just love knowing different culture like you...

  12. Germany has always been on my must-see places to visit, especially Frankfurt. I've been dying to explore this part of Europe. Hopefully, I get to fulfill that sometime soon. :)

  13. I'd love visiting Frankfurt given the opportunity and resources. Their culture is so rich you could spend hours taking photographs.

  14. wonderful place, i haven't see like this place,if i am gonna to chance i will visit frankfurt-city, thanks for nice information

  15. I've been day dreaming to set my feet someday in Frankurt! <3


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