Camiguin Province | Sto. Nino Cold, Ardent Hot, and Bura Soda Spring Pools

Camiguin is a wonderful paradise filled with an assortment of natural tourist spots that would bring hours of fun throughout your trip. You can make the most of each vacation to this beautiful island by exploring every nook and cranny, searching for that perfect spot for taking a stunning selfie or a fun-filled groupie.

Aside from its wonderful white sand beaches, unique attractions such as the Sunken Cemetery, and majestic volcanoes, Camiguin is also known for its beautiful springs and waterfalls. Some of these have already been developed as tourist spots to allow us all to enjoy these beautiful works of nature.

Sto. Nino Cold Spring

PostCard Series| Rice Terraces of Midsalip

Midsalip Rice Terraces

“ Living in a rural setting exposes you to so many marvelous things - the natural world and the particular texture of small-town life, and the exhilarating experience of open space…”
                                       -   Susan Orlean

Camiguin Province | Stunning White Island

" Fine white sands, crystal clear blue waters, the amazing view of Mt. Hibok-hibok and Mt. Vulcan ... I Love You [naked] White Island! "

Even though summer is officially over, who said we can’t continue exploring the Philippines? After all, it’s More FUN in the Philippines! Don’t worry too much about the possibility of rain hampering a trip to Camiguin – there’s always a big chance that it won’t.

White Island

A Guide to Lanzarote, the Martian Canary Island

Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago located off the coast of Morocco. The island is one of the most popular beach destination.