Bohol | Cadapdapan Rice Terraces and Can-Umantad Falls of Candijay

There’s more to Bohol than what most travel itineraries of travel agencies offer. The usual trips to Chocolate Hills, see the Tarsiers, etc. is fine, but there is more jewels and treasures that can be found in Bohol if you just take more time to look. These places aren’t ones that you usually see on ads but they should be. These places are ones that would take your breath away and give you another side of Bohol that you might not have known of. Some of these hidden treasures are the Cadapdapan Rice Terraces and the Can-umantad Falls of Candijay.

Candijay, Bohol

Negros Oriental | Balinsasayao and Danao, the Twin Lakes of Sibulan

Among the wonderful lakes found in Negros Oriental, Lake Danao and Lake Balinsasayao are just two promising lakes in the province. Naturally formed and created by volcanic eruption and tectonic faults. Although, they are separated with each other and Lake Danao is about a 10-meter trek up from Lake Balinsasayao, these are like twins which being fed by the slender little Olayan Falls ahead of them.

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes of Sibulan

5 Interesting Waterfalls You Must Visit in the Philippines

Along with white sand beaches and volcanic islands, waterfalls are the most iconic feature of the Philippines. Practically anywhere you'll go, you can find jaw dropping waterfalls that are worth a visit. The great thing about having a day at waterfall is how they provide a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation.

Maria Cristina Falls

Cebu | Bojo River Cruise in Aloguinsan

One fine Saturday of January, I embarked on a journey which made me realize that nature indeed has a lot to offer most especially when it is willfully protected and carefully preserved. Aloguinsan River is wonderfully a great example. A group of local fisher folks and their families guided by the Local Government Unit (LGU) is actively preserving and protecting the beautiful Bojo River in Aloguinsan while they earn concurrently. It is indeed an awesome Saturday of journey towards ecology and culture ̶ an exploration that is not only brimming with beauty and wonders but is also loaded with knowledge and enlightenment. You will surely come out of the journey with your mind and heart filled deeper with love and understanding of the Mother Nature.

Bojo River of Aloguinsan

Negros Occidental | Tragedy and Love Story, The Ruins of Talisay City

Romeo and Juliet, Beauty and the Beast, Jack and Rose; All the stories of these classic love affairs is nothing compared to the story behind the beautiful and majestic The Ruins in Talisay City or commonly known as The Taj Mahal of Negros.

The Ruins of Talisay City

Looking for a Cheap Bacolod Hotel? This Travel App Will Help You

For those looking to get away from the busy city life, maybe looking to go on a vacation that’s not as far from a city, or you simply want a change of pace, Bacolod City is often a good choice to do all those things.


Negros Occidental | Enchanting Mag-aso Falls of Kabankalan City

The beach isn’t the only place you can go to for the summer. There are a lot of other destinations that you can opt to choose from. And one destination that you must not miss out for this summer is the enchanted and beautiful Mag-Aso Falls in Negros Occidental.

Mag-aso Falls, Kabankalan City - Negros Occidental

Marinduque | Moriones Festival 2017 and the Story of Longinus

The Moriones Festival of my home province, Marinduque, is one of the most famous religious Philippine festivals for its interesting premise: it centers on culture and religion in the country, with an emphasis on reliving the time Roman soldiers roamed the streets during Jesus’ crucifixion.

Moriones Festival

Negros Occidental | Codcod Rice Terraces of San Carlos City

The thick fog, the verdant hills, the sea of clouds and the amazing view – thanks to a cup of 3-in-1 coffee, these things definitely catch my attention about an hour after being on the road from the city proper of San Carlos. Yep, I’m usually asleep during long road trips like these.

Codcod Rice Terraces of San Carlos City, Negros Occidental