Albay | Sumlang Lake in Camalig

Albay is one of the hot spot tourist attractions in the Philippines because of the famous Mount Mayon. However, recently, a different tourist attraction has been catching the attention of many visitors of Albay. It is as breathtaking and as mesmerizing to see because it actually gives you a great view of Mount Mayon - the Sumlang Lake in Camalig.

Sumlang Lake in Albay

Sumlang Lake is a 14-hectare lake that was filled with lilies in every angle in the past. But residents in the village saw its exquisiteness and potential to become a good spot for travelers. So the villagers, along with the support of the local government, had a massive cleanup, only three years ago, and that was when the lake’s true beauty surfaced. Additionally, the view of Mount Mayon on its back just gives it more of that picturesque scene.

What I love about Sumlang Lake is how it exudes a sense of peace and serenity throughout the whole lake. By the way, there are a lot of activities that can be done in the lake. And if you’re looking for a place to get your inner photographer out or maybe you just want to take some photos for your next instagram post, around the lake is where you will find some "instagramable" modern looking chairs and cottages. You can also see some unique art pieces that provide the artistic feel to the place.

Sumlang Lake in Albay

When it comes to their available activities, you have quite a lot of them to choose from. You can choose from their balsa tour, kayaking, aqua biking, and the floating cottage. The balsa tour is just perfect if you just want to enjoy the scenery at peace. You can try out the kayaking if you want row around the lake and just feel the wind. If you want to break a sweat and kind of give your muscles an exercise, aqua biking should be something you try out. Now, if you are with a big group and you are all looking to do something to relax and just enjoy the view of the lake and Mount Mayon, and each other’s company, then go rent the floating cottage. Each of these activities has its own level of fun that it can give you. Find which activity bests suits you, your friends and your family, but surely any of those activities you will enjoy.

Sumlang Lake in Albay

Beware though, given that it is getting more and more attention over time, expect to see a lot of visitors in the lake during the weekends, most especially during holidays. The best time to go to the lake is during sunrise or sunset. The golden hours from any part of the lake are absolutely magnificent. 

Sumlang Lake in Albay

  • The best moments to appreciate Sumlang Lake is during the golden hours; sunrise and sunset. Make sure to get there early in the morning or late afternoon.
  • Lotus flowers bloom early in the morning!
  • Wear something comfortable - wear clothing you can easily move in and something that can protect you from the sun.
  • Follow the rules – Basic rules in the area is do not litter.
  • Reception for you mobile phone is no problem here. The area has stable cellphone connection.
  • Don't forget your camera/smartphone - perfect place for selfie shots!

Sumlang Lake in Albay

After or before your trip to the lake you may want to stop by at other spots nearby. There are tons of other places that you can pass by in and take some photos. 

Albay is such a beautiful place to go on a vacation to, and Sumlang Lake is a place in it that you should not miss!


From Manila 

By Bus: Ride in a bus headed to Legaspi City and alight at Albay Ethno Eco Village. From there, walk for about 15 minutes or simply ride in a tricycle to Sumlang Lake. 

By Air: Take a flight to Legazpi Airport from Manila (then follow the instructions below, from Legazpi City)

From Legazpi City 

Ride in a jeepney routing Polangui, Camalig or Guinobatan and ask the driver to drop you off the Albay Agri Ethno Eco Village (then follow the instructions above)

From Visayas 

Fly directly from Mactan-Cebu International Airport to Legazpi City (then follow the instructions above). Cebu Pacific Air and Philippines Airlines serve Cebu – Legazpi route daily as of this writing. 

From Mindanao 

Option 1: Fly to Cebu then take Cebu to Legazpi flight (then follow the instructions above)

Option 2: Fly to Manila then take a more or less 12-hour bus ride or take the less than an hour Manila to Legazpi flight (then follow the instructions above)


On this Albay trip with my daughter, we chartered a tricycle for Php1200.00. The one whole day tricycle tour includes: Cagsawa Ruins, Daraga Church, Sumlang Lake, Quitinday Hills, Lignon Hills, and Legazpi Boulevard. Actually Hoyop-hoyopan Cave is also part of the tour but we decided not to continue because of our limited time. Fees and meals are not part of the tricycle tour. 


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