4 Highlights of Spending Your Schoolies Week on Fiji Islands

Schoolies is the most awaited time for high schoolers in Australia. Once they are done with the studies, they head on to their dream destinations to have the time of their lives. After high school, you may move to a new city to get admission at a university, so you may not be able to hang out with your friends for a long time. Schoolies week provides graduates with a great opportunity to spend some time with their friends. 

It’s quite a task to find the perfect destination where you can enjoy your vacations to the fullest. Fiji can be the right option for you to spend schoolies week this year. It attracts a myriad of year 12 graduates due to its scenic views and the opportunities to enjoy several exciting activities. 

Here are a few reasons why you should visit Fiji during your schoolies: 

1. It’s a Safe Place 

Students wait for schoolies week, but it’s a dreaded time for their parents. When young grads are on their own, they may get into trouble which is why parents keep worrying about their safety. Parents are afraid that their children may get into an accident or get arrested due to alcohol or drug consumption. 

But Fiji is a safe place to visit. You can enjoy various fun activities without worrying about your safety. During the past few years, the local government has taken actions to make it a secure and student-friendly place. 

2. It Offers Scenic Views 

Fiji is a recommended place for schoolies due to its amazing views. Clear waters of sandy beaches, lush greenery, and palm trees make it a great place to enjoy vacations with your friends. You can play volleyball with your friends, arrange bonfires, and enjoy your time under the sun. 

Tour companies also arrange adventurous activities such as snorkelling and swimming with marine creatures for high school graduates on their schoolies. 

3. It’s Not Far Away 

Parents are often reluctant to send high school grads to faraway places for their schoolies week celebrations. It’s best to opt for a destination that isn’t too far away. This way, your parents won’t have to worry about you and you can also avoid long flights that may make you tired. 

Fiji is one of the favourite destinations of Australian high school graduates since it’s quite close to the country. A flight of just 4 hours can lead you to your destination. You can enjoy your vacations in the islands with your friends for a few weeks. 

4. Nightlife 

When you are having vacations without the supervision of your parents, you may want to enjoy the nightlife of the place. Just like Fiji provides you with various opportunities to have a fun time during the day, it’s a lively place even during the nighttime. You can book your trip with Sure Thing Schoolies Travel

When it comes to choosing your destination for schoolies week, you should opt for a beautiful place that isn’t too far and where you can try adventurous activities out with your friends. Fiji is such a place where you can have quality time and enjoy your vacations. 


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