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The Day-asan Floating Village is a unique rural community in Surigao City (the capital city of Surigao del Norte) consisting of houses on wooden stilts and coral rocks in clear water surrounded by mangrove forest. Interestingly, because of the similar features/nature the humble village got its tag as the “little Venice of Surigao City”. Less than 30 minutes and or seven kilometers away from the city proper of Surigao, the village can be reached by land or sea transportation. Instead of usual roads, getting into other houses is possible by walking and passing in narrow wooden bridges or waterways in between- plied by small banca or river boats called “baruto”. 

Nature and its inhabitants are co-existing equally- people are living in a preserved and unspoiled environment while protecting also the source of their livelihood and basic needs.  The village is home to about 1800 people or more or less 400 households.  554.9 out of total area of 642.36 hectares is mangrove area of different species and 87.46 is sited for agriculture.

Aside from fishing, the residents raise lobsters and fish for their livelihood. There are two restaurants in the area where you can choose/order sea foods fresh from the net/cage.

DayAsan Bridge
The Long wooden bridge going to the floating village

DayAsan House
Bridge, Water and Home

Fresh Sizzling Seafoods
Adobong Saang| Saang is a giant sea snail abundant in the area

Plan your trip now going to “The City of Island Adventures” - Surigao City! Don’t forget to include Day-Asan Floating Village in your Itinerary.

From Manila
By Plane (Direct flight) 
Airphil Express: Daily
Cebu Pacific Air: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
By Boat                             
2Go Travel: Tuesday

From Cebu
By Plane(Direct flight)     
Airphil Express: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday
Cebu Pacific: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and  Sunday
By Boat                             :
Cokaliong: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday
Cebu Ferries: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

From Butuan, Davao, Cagayan de Oro and other parts of Mindanao
By Bus or Van: Daily
Day-Asan is accessible either by land or by sea. Motorized boats going to the village are docked in the City Wharf while habal-habal/ motorcycles for hire are stationed near the City public market. Fare ranges from 25 to 50 pesos. Travel time is around 15 to 30 minutes.


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  1. There's a certain undeniable appeal with quaint villages. I'd love to go there someday. The sizzling seafood looks so tempting!

  2. The foods are yummy and I want to visit the "little Venice" sometimes too. :D

  3. Good share post. Simplicity of the village attracts. The food yummy looks crunched my stomach, hahaha.

  4. Would love to taste that sizzling seafoods. Yum! Again,
    I think I need to commend on your talent on capturing photos. Very realistic.

  5. Based on most of your posts about Surigao, I find the place very intriguing and would love to include it in my itinerary.

  6. The floating village looks scenic and they also have good food.

  7. wow I love the shots ng floating village, so dramatic at pwedeng movie... I wanna go there too and immerse myself... thank you for sharing!

  8. Thanks Guys for dropping here :)
    @Pepper- indeed! the foods are yummy and fresh :)
    @Jerwel- Go bro! Surigao is worth to visit:)
    @Erwin- this is what I love to explore, visit, and photograph- beauty at its finest simplicity :)
    @Jerome- Thanks bro :) I am more inspired to en blog :)
    @Wanderer Juan- u should include Surigao's spots on your ITI en bucket list :)
    @Franc- indeed bro :)
    @Senyor Iskwater- thanks :) mas dramatic pag andun ka sa lugar. tumpak! A good place for immersion

  9. When I have the chance to go to Surigao, I will remember this place. Adobong Saang is new to me. I eat the natural way of cooking it.

  10. Sir, nice trip again. Perhaps if I have the opportunity to visit Day- Asan, I'll have to do it on summer days. Kakatakot kasing tumawid sa land bridge kapag my bagyo. LOL

  11. Wow, this looks like an interesting village to live in. I wonder what it is like to live here.

  12. seems nice place to visit :)

  13. wow i learned somthing today. Giant saang. Im sure it tastes so yummy! lovethe photos! very real/ related to most of the filipinos xx

  14. I thought the floating village, only exist in Tawi-tawi or Jolo. I would love to visit this village.

  15. The floating village seems to have a lot of interesting subjects to shoot at.

  16. As a frequent traveler, do you recommend this place to foreigners or only local (Filipino) friends? :)

  17. I love to go to places especially in province and see some new. Like the wooden bridge.

  18. @Rochkirstin Santos- of course anyone can visit this interesting community (both foreigners and local tourists). There are a lot more to explore in Day-asan. Hindi lang namin na try yung tour nila which includes boating, visit to beach with interesting sand bar, etc... malawak din yung magrove area kaya pwede ang birding and other related activities. And the seafoods fresh from the cage ang malalaking lobster at fishes :)
    I have a friend( he owns a travel and tours in surigao), alam ko kasama sa tour nya ang Day Asan.

  19. Nice to know na may floating village din pala sa Surigao

  20. never tasted saang before, love sea foods, so i think i'm going to love their taste. Yahweh bless.

  21. Nice! :) I have yet to explore Mindanao's floating villages, but I must say I live in a floating village (every rainy season).:D Mukhang mag-eenjoy ang seafood lovers diyan, too bad I'm allergic. Dami ko namimiss! :)

  22. This is a place to be explored while in Surigao City. Bookmarked this. You have very beautiful photos sir! :)

  23. nice one jiprot! i'll visit this place soon .sana kasali sa tour na ipoprovide ng city tourism office pra tipid. hahaha hope to meet you in surigao on april 2/3 :)

  24. This is a different experience for traveller, visiting and dining at the floating village

  25. gusto kung bumalik dyan at kumain ng kumain.. hehe

  26. ooh!! like the sizzling seafood.. I love floating village.. the way their stilt house is designed is very amazing...

  27. @Alwin - less than 300 pesos lang kasama na food and transpo. kasi DIY lang yung trip:) group kasi kami at time na yun we're in Surigao City for a meeting :)

  28. Hindi pa ako nakakabisita ng Surgao kahit kailan. I do hope na makapunta ako doon at mabisita ko rin ito "floating" community na ito.

  29. Wow saang one of my favorite seafoods.

    This floating village is also like the one I saw in Ozamis City, near the pier.

  30. Dito dapat kami pupunta ni Dennis. #hindinagisingngmaaga. LOL!

  31. Grabe! ang dami palang pwedeng gawin and puntahan sa Surigao. Sana makapunta ako dito in the near future. lalo na sa siargao. :)

  32. suuper ganda talaga nang lugar namin.. its more fun in Day-asan..

  33. its more fun in Day-asan.. super nice...


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