How to Consolidate Your Earned Frequent Flyer Points

If you frequently travel via airlines, it must be a challenging task for you to manage your frequent flyer points. Many people let their flyer points go waste so as to avoid the hassle, but you can enjoy various benefits through tactful planning. 

If you travel with different airlines, you may want to consolidate all your frequent flyer points in one place so as to make the most of your earnings. However, not every frequent flyer program facilitates you to transfer your points to another program. 

Here are some ways how you can merge frequent flyer points of different airlines: 

Enroll in Airlines with Multiple Partners 

Frequent travellers should get registered with frequent flyer programs to enjoy a myriad of benefits. For this purpose, you should choose airlines with multiple partners. Such airlines facilitate you to use points across their partner airlines. 

For instance, American Airlines and British Airways are partner airlines. You can redeem points earned with American Airlines to buy a ticket for their partner airline. 

Get Registered with AMEX Reward Program 

The American Express Membership Rewards program has partnered with more than 20 frequent flyer programs. You can easily combine AMEX points with frequent flyer points from a partner program. 

Star Alliance is another similar program. It has partnered with 27 airlines. The frequent flyer points earned with partner airlines can be merged in one place. You can use these points to book a free ticket, upgrade, your ticket or book a hotel for your upcoming vacations. 

Similarly, British Airways and Iberia share the same frequent flyer program, Avios. These airlines facilitate you to transfer your points freely between both airlines. However, it’s a must that both accounts should be at least 3 months old. 

Register with a Reward Management Service 

Online services such as help you manage your frequent flyer points. It offers support for every airline reward program in Australia. You can monitor your points earned through different reward programs and redeem them for the best possible deals. 

Not only can you manage all your earned points on a single platform, you can also buy points if you want to buy gifts but are short of a few points. 

Register with Hilton Honours Reward Program 

Hilton Honours Reward program facilitates you to book a hotel room by redeeming your frequent flyer points. You can use flyer points earned with different reward programs to enjoy a comfortable stay during vacations. 

Top airlines in the country, such as Qantas, have partnered with numerous domestic airlines, hotels, clubs, and car rental services. You can merge your points to enjoy free travelling, upgrading your ticket to business class, get accommodation in a reputable hotel or rent a car during holidays. 

If you regularly travel on different routes, you may find it difficult to manage frequent flyer points across different reward programs. However, many big airlines partner with various smaller airlines and facilitate you to merge and redeem your earned points. You can exchange these points for free air tickets or a ticket top-up program.


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