La Union | Visiting the Grape Farms of Bauang

La Union is now one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. During summer, La Union is filled with tons of people; most of whom are excited to go surfing. But aside from surfing, this province has much more to offer than what most people think. The places are beautiful enough to even entice tourists – both local and international visitors. Additionally, another reason to visit La Union is because of their grape farms. 

Grapes Farm in Bauang, La Union

La Union grapes are only known by few people, until in 2014 when the photos of one of its grape farms have gone viral on the internet. If you are one of those people who got curious and want to experience it by yourself, then going to this North Luzon destination is the best thing to do. 


Five days before my scheduled flight to Jakarta, me and wifey took a, more or less, 5-hour travel to the so-called "Grapes Capital of the Philippines". Yep, that's Bauang in La Union!

At Partas Terminal in Cubao, we were able to catch the 8:00AM bus trip going to Laoag. It's our first time in La Union so we asked the driver and conductor to drop us at Caba-Bauang boundary or the "welcome  arch" as described on the FB page of one of the farms. After the 3 stopovers, we reached the welcome (or boundary) arch. Friendly locals helped us to find our first stop, the Gapuz Grapes farm – one of the pioneers in grapevine farming in the province.

Grapes Farm in Bauang, La Union


Gapuz Grapes Farm

This is the most famous grapes farm located in Bauang, La Union. Joe Gapuz is the founder of this farm. He started to market the vineyard in 2010 after coming back home from California.  They named the Gapuz Grape Farm as “The Porch Life.” 

People who visit Gapuz Grape farm always have tons of fun, most especially for those who enjoy a good, heart and stomach filling boodle fight. The farm offers a boodle fight for their guests worth P1, 500.00 good for 10 people.

Gapuz Grapes Farm

One more thing people like about going to this grape farm is that it does not have an entrance fee. But if you do want to take pictures around the farm, they would need you to pay a very cheap price of P20 – with complimentary bottled water. And if looking at the grapes makes your mouth water, you can actually get yourself a bag of them. One kilogram only costs P250. You can choose whether you want to pick it by yourself or you’ll just buy it directly.  

Here are some few details in case you are planning to visit Gapuz Grape Farm: 
  • The best season to pick grapes in Gapuz Grapes Farm is during March to May. 
  • Location: Bauang, La Union
  • Open Hours: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Entrance Fee: Free
  • Photography: P20 (with complimentary bottled water)
  • Grape picking or buying: P250 
  • Contact Numbers: 09227701520/09997147616
  • FB Page: Gapuz Grapes Farm

Lomboy Farms

This is said to be the pioneer of all the grape vineyards of the Philippines. Known as the “Philippines King of Grapes”, Avelino Lomboy founded this farm in the 1970's. He only started planting few grapes cutting but decided to plant in the vineyard seriously. 

This place is located at 68 Urayong Bauang, La Union. You only need to budget P100 for entrance fee and additional fee for grapes picking. During weekdays and Saturday, they are open from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. They are also open during Sundays, but their closing time is 1 hour earlier. You may contact the landline number, 072 7052 105; their FB page, Lomboy Farms.

Lomboy Farm

Manguerra Grapes Farm

This is located at Bauang, La Union near Gapuz Grape Farm at Barangay Urayong. They are open daily during 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Contact 0907 858 6784 / 09996764564 Look for Jane Manguerra or Mark Anthony Manguerra if you have inquiries.  You can also check their FB Page here: Manguerra Grapes Farm.

Manguera Grapes Farm

Calica Grapes Farm 

At the Bauang-Caba boundary arch, this is the first farm you will see in the way. This farm is also open daily and their open hour is 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. If you want to ask inquiries, contact their number: Smart 0907 905 0303, 0917 949 8273 and the Globe number 0905 550 5046. Check their FB Page here: Calica Grapes Farm.

Calica Grapes Farm

Grapes Farm in Bauang, La Union

Grapes Farm in Bauang, La Union


Traveling to La Union Grape Farm is pretty cheap! If you want to save more, you can invite your fried to join you. From Metro Manila, the fare is P420-P500 for one way. You should have at least Php1500.00 budget for your fare and food as well.


From Metro Manila, Ride a bus bound for La Union worth Php401.00 - Php450.00 – travel time is ranging from 4 - 6 hours. Tell the driver to drop you off Bauang - Caba Boundary arch. Lomboy Farm is located along the highway while going to the other farms like Gapuz, you can take a walk or ride in a tricycle or motorcycle.

From San Juan, La Union, ride a jeepney to get to San Fernando. Ask the driver to drop you at the jeepney terminal  bound to Bauang - a more or less 30-minute travel. Once you ride in the jeep from San Fernando, tell the driver that you are planning to go to La Union Grape Farms. They will drop you off at the Bauang Church. From there, you can a hire tricycle going to the grape farms in Barangay Urayong. 

Aside from Grapes Farms of La Union, there are lots of fantastic places that could be found there. Put La Union in your itinerary list this summer! If you want to visit beautiful places in La Union, you can read more details about their tourist spots and have a tour in the grape farms for your last day.



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  1. Would love to visit this place. So much natural tranquility is scattered around the place. Kudos to the owners who have maintained it so much.

  2. I have a weird story. 2 months ago I have visitors from Russia who happened to have traipsed their feet in La Union, and they shared a lot of their great surfing experience. Moments later while in the middle of our conversation, they asked me If I have already been to La Union, and I was smiling to them while saying, not yet. Yeah! I know that I should come to La Union and not just to experience surfing, but also seeing a grape farms. I was about to see a grape farm with real grapes on it in Pattaya, Thailand last March, but walang grape fruit during my visit.

  3. La Union certainly seems to be a place for everyone. The grape farms are so huge and beautiful. The pictures of the Gapuz Grapes Farm seems just like taken out of movies. The fruit quality also seem rich. I love grapes and it would be so lovely to visit the farms and try out the fruit fresh and ripe.

  4. This grepe farms remind me a lot of ones in Luxembourg. A friend of mine happen to know the owner and we got to one of the best spots there to see how everything works.

  5. I always wanted to visit vineyards, and learn how to plant grapes and turn them into wine. This is such a great experience of yours :D
    I will check this wines soon.

  6. Grape farms and vineyards are such picturesque places! The red and juicy bunches of grapes dangling the branches look delicious. Did you buy any?

  7. In India, Nasik is the only place from where a guided vineyard tour can be done - I have plans for doing that but the photographs of these farms look so amazing.

  8. How difficult is to get there from Manila? Inside Ph it is an unique place where to try wine, otherwise difficult to find. Great post


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