5 Must-Do Activities When You Visit Perth

There is more to Australia than its popular cities in the eastern side. Try exploring the western part of the Land Down Under and you will be in awe. Western Australia’s capital, Perth, is an interesting city with a great combination of natural attractions and modern living. Each traveler will certainly have fun discovering plenty of things while here.

Perth is notable for its laid-back vibe, great weather, glorious beaches, and superb food. It is an ideal travel destination for those wanting a more peaceful kind of vacation with family or friends. You can simply search for a campervan hire in Perth and enjoy touring around conveniently. No need to worry about traffic, delayed public transport or even the commuters. You can drive around in the comfort of your rented campervan. You can also pick a car rental but campervan is a better option especially when you are going on a nature adventure. Inside the van, you'll have your own bed, a cooking area, and even a place where you can take a bath. It is basically a moving house, so it is commonly used for camping.

And camping is one of the most famous activity you can do it Perth. But if you are looking for other activities to do, here are some that you can also enjoy:

Dine at Greenhouse

In case you are looking for a unique thing to do in Perth, then eat at Greenhouse. This environmentally friendly restaurant is a must-see in the area. All the materials used to construct the building is recycled and raw. You will certainly be amazed at how this restaurant promotes sustainability effectively and at the same time serves you with delectable meals. 

Tour Swan River

The Swan River is said to be Western Australia’s first heritage icon. Visitors can have an outdoor fun here by cruising, walking along its trails, going on a bike ride, or simply having a picnic with loved ones. It is a serene place to unwind and witness the beauty of Perth.

Explore Kings Park

If being one with nature is what you want, then head to Kings Park. It is a huge inner city park that offers tons of things to do to all its visitors. You will be greeted with its spectacular views, such as the Perth city skyline and the Swan River. Also, you can wander its pathways, visit its botanical gardens, and do walking tours to know more about this stunning park.

Visit Cottesloe Beach

Approximately a 15-minute drive from the city center, Cottesloe Beach is one of the best beaches you need to check out in Perth. Because of its golden sand and crystal clear waters, this beach has been a favorite of most travelers from across the globe. You can do a lot of water activities at Cottesloe, including surfing, snorkeling, and swimming. Not to mention, the thriving café culture here is a must-see, too. Bask under the sun, enjoy a few drinks, and have fun!

Head to Margaret River Region

Never leave Perth without going to Margaret River region. It is famous for its locally produced wine and food as well as breathtaking scenery. Be sure to experience wine tasting and indulge with good food while here. You will definitely have a great time in this region as your visit will be pure indulgence.

A trip to Perth is worth it and memorable especially if you are with the people who are important to you. See to it that you try these things mentioned above on your visit. It will absolutely be one for the books and a vacation to treasure for a lifetime!


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