Travel Diaries | Sunken Cemetery of Camiguin

The Sunken Cemetery of Camiguin is one of the must-see attractions in the island, eerie as it may be to visit a place of death, with thousands of departed buried underneath. As you might have guessed, the cemetery was not submerged by waters in the past. When Mt. Vulcan was born, the eruptions lasted from 1871 to 1875, something that also caused some areas to sink down below sea level. Some parts of the town of Bonbon sank, along with the cemetery.

sunken cemetery

Guest Post | Swerve the Beijing Beaten Track

Like most travel destinations growing in popularity, Beijing has a million and one guide books available to travellers, most of which are out of date not long after they hit the shelves.

Beijing 213

SnapShot | Lights and Sound Show at Ayala Triangle

Ayala Triangle

SnapShot | A sub-district of Makati, Ayala Triangle is a perfect barkada/ family's tambayan during Christmas Season. More or less 800,000 colorful LED lights comes to life on its month-long lights and sound show. The enchanting show is available every 30 minutes from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. This year's show was dedicated to the survivors of typhoon Yolanda in the Visayas. 

Dinagyang Festival 2014 Schedule of Activities

The Dinagyang Festival is an annual celebration held in Iloilo City every fourth weekend of January; although relevant activities already start even during the first week of the month. This cultural and religious festival is held in honor of the Sto. Niño but is also a celebration of the arrival of the Malay settlers in Panay.

Dinagyang Festival

Sinulog Festival 2014 Schedule of Activities

The Sinulog Festival is an annual festival held in Cebu City every third Sunday of January, drawing tens of thousands of Santo Niño devotees from across the Visayas region and even from all over the country.

sinulog 2014

Ati-atihan Festival 2014 Schedule of Activities

The Ati-atihan Festival is a week-long annual celebration held in Kalibo, Aklan, ending every third Sunday of January but relevant festivities are enjoyed even weeks before the main event. The festival is made in honor of the Santo Niño (Infant Jesus) but also recognizes the primary settlers in the islands, the Aetas or Atis.

Ati-atihan Festival 2014

Guest Post | Havana Good Time in Cuba

If you’re looking for a holiday destination with fascinating history, stunning beaches, the finest mojitos, cracking nightlife and cars more colourful than Simon Cowells love life, then there’s only one destination right? Of course I’m talking about Cuba. They also have a thriving bird watching community apparently, but let’s forget about that and focus on what makes the Caribbean’s’ largest Island a must go destination for those who want it all.

Travel Diaries | Maria Cristina Falls and NPC Nature Park in Iligan City

Iligan City is a beautiful place to visit, boasting of a total of 39 waterfalls and several springs. Of all its waterfalls, the Maria Cristina Falls is the grandest and most majestic. Its power is so great that this is harnessed and transformed into electricity which is used in a large part of Mindanao. The waterfall is the second highest in the Philippines.

Maria Cristina Falls

Guest Post | Exciting Vacations in Australia: Visiting Iconic Landmarks and Fun-filled Casinos

Australia is one of the best places to visit in the world, offering lots of exciting landmarks and scenic spots for travelers to enjoy throughout their vacation. You could spend months in the country yet never run out of exciting things to enjoy, thanks to the plethora of natural wonders and wide open spaces to explore. Don’t worry – even with its Great Outback, bush lands, deserts, beaches, and outdoor destinations, the country is also highly urbanized to suit the needs of all travelers, backpackers or posh travelers alike.

Travel Diaries | Lovely Mimbalot Falls of Iligan City

Mimbalot Falls is one of the 39 amazing waterfalls in Iligan City. It also belongs to the so-called Tourism Triangle in the city, along with Tinago Falls and the Maria Cristina Falls. This place is a great spot to visit especially for nature lovers who enjoys virgin beauty.

Mimbalot Falls works hand-in-hand with the Philippine National Red Cross To Help Victims of Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan

Misery and desperation are deeply etched on the faces of the millions of victims of super typhoon Yolanda, not knowing where to get their next meal or how to rebuild their broken homes and lives and how to cope with the loss of their loved ones. Chaos is widespread as the citizenry have nowhere to go for basic services: there is no electricity, no water services, no communications and worse no local government service to speak of. The typhoon victims have to literally fend for themselves. 

yolanda kid

Travel Diaries | Breathtaking Tinago Falls

Tucked away in a deep ravine between Iligan City and Municipality of Linamon is a beautiful falls, the Tinago Falls so called because it is mostly hidden from view unless you trek down to reach its hiding place. This majestic falls cascades beautifully in a basin-like pool with very cold water. Many tourists who visit the falls enjoy standing inside the small cave tucked under the falls while marveling at the cascading waters and enjoying its rumbling sound.

Tinago Falls

Travel NOTES | Iligan City Travel Guide

Iligan City is a highly urbanized city in Mindanao. It is also known as the “Industrial Center of the South”, owing to the many industries and companies situated within its borders. The city was home to the Tala-andigs and the Banhawons, peace-loving Higa-onon tribes. Its name was derived from “ilijan” or “iligan” which meant the “fortress of defense” that the natives built to keep the marauding pirates away.

Iligan City

Travel Diaries| Dahilayan Forest and Adventure Park in Bukidnon

Dahilayan Forest and Adventure Park in Bukidnon is one the country’s most promising outdoor destinations, featuring a wide range of exciting activities for all ages.


List of Philippine Festivals

All across the Philippines, fun-loving Filipinos celebrate a host of festivals for various reasons. The following are some of the most famous celebrations.

finalPhilippine festival

Travel Diaries| Katibawasan Falls of Camiguin

Katibawasan Falls is one of Camiguin Island's gems. It measures 250 feet which cascades to a natural rock pool with green and ice cold water surrounded by local species of trees, orchids, and wild ferns.

Katibawasan Falls

Cruising is the new Backpacking

Discussions about Asian travel often center on that fashionable receptacle, the backpack. The notion of slinging out material troubles and travelling with room for nothing but experience is all well and good. But there’s also freedom in not having to hand-wash your underwear every 48 hours. It’s time to embrace new ways of travelling Asia, and in 2014, cruises are the way to go. With the largest continent on Earth so many extraordinary destinations lie scattered across the seas, just waiting for exploration. A cruise negates transfers, stopovers, and having to find your way back to your hotel room, meaning the real adventure can begin…

Manila Bay

Luxury Escapes with Costa Cruises

Oozing Italian style and a swanky onboard lifestyle, Costa Cruises certainly know how to ramp up the luxury factor when it comes to cruise holidays. Their ships are renowned for their bright, modern decor and casual luxury, which extends from everything from the sumptuous dining rooms and gleaming decks to the fantastic range of leisure facilities.


Traveling Morion's AirAsia Zest Destination Wish List

Wish list? Yes I have! I began listing my dream destinations in the country (and abroad) the time I also started this advocacy of promoting 7107 islands through sharing of photographs and travel stories. In this age of “teki” gadgets, I am still using the old skul type of “notebooks and journals”. Attached in the said journal is a map I bought in a bookstore 2 years ago - with marks and notes to indicate whether I already visited/explored a certain province/destination. 


Marinduque Series | Poctoy White Beach

I had the chance to visit my hometown and take a break from busy work plus travels. It took me two years to have this great time - a long vacation in the place where I truly belong, a place that will forever be called my “home”.

Poctoy White Beach in Torrijos

Luxury in Mauritius: The Oberoi Resort

Located just off the coast of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a hot spot for exotic sun-worshipers who want to enjoy a little slice of paradise as part of their holiday. Who can blame them either? With UK weather leaving a lot to be desired and some short haul destinations being overcrowded with tourists, it’s no wonder these lesser known, luxury spots are popular with holidaymakers. Whether it’s a honeymoon or special occasion that brings you here, or you just want to give your family or loved ones the chance to enjoy some once-in-a-lifetime experiences, you know that you’ll be in for a treat.

If you want to do your Mauritian trip in style, head for the Oberoi Mauritius which provides all-out, 5 star  luxury at every turn. The resort can be found within 20acres of lush gardens, overlooking Turtle Bay – a must-see beach on the North West coast of the island.

Travel NOTES | Camiguin Travel Guide

The island of Camiguin is a beautiful place set in Mindanao, surrounded by Bohol Sea. The whole island is also a province; the country’s second smallest both in land area and population. This pearl-shaped island got its name from “Kamagong”. It is not abundant in the area but close to Lake Mainit in Surigao del Norte from where the earliest settlers came. The settlers gave the island this name.


List of Philippine Holidays in 2014

The Malacañang has officially released the list of official holidays in 2014 last Monday. This is surely a joy to many of us who love to travel and have a great time exploring the country! We could now plan our trips around long weekends and holidays plus avail of great discounts from tour packages and airline tickets by virtue of booking much earlier. Why, you could plan for that Christmas holiday or a November getaway 1 whole year in advance! How cool is that?

philippine holidays

Travel NOTES | Cagayan de Oro City Travel Guide

Cagayan de Oro City is the capital of the Province of Misamis Oriental and known as the “City of Golden Friendship”. In recent years, developments across the city and upgrades in the facilities for outdoor activities have made the city as The New Adventure Capital of the Philippines. There, you can enjoy the adrenaline rush of exciting activities such as zip lining, whitewater kayaking, whitewater rafting, and rappelling.

Cagayan de Oro Travel Guide

Travel Diaries| Coconut Tree with Two Branches

Kidding aside, Not Photoshopped! Yeah, what you see is a "real" coconut tree with two trunks/branches and it's in Alubijid, Misamis Oriental.

coconut with two branches

Exploring Palma de Mallorca

The archipelago of the Balearic islands is located off the east coast of Spain. These islands are known for their ancient ruins, their beaches and their coves. Mallorca is one of the archipelago's most visited islands. The main city, Palma de Mallorca, has many cultural and natural attractions.

Visit the Beaches

The island has many beaches and coves. The southern coast, located near Palma de Mallorca, has more urban beaches, and the northern coast is known for its coves. Visitors will be able to sail a boat, and there are several port towns where boats and yachts can be rented. Another typical activity is snorkel and other types of diving.

Travel Diaries| Enchanted River of Hinatuan

Formally known as the Hinatuan River, the Enchanted River is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Surigao del Sur and the rest of Mindanao. This beautiful river is said to be wrapped in mystery and supernatural events so that it gained renown as being enchanted. There are several unexplained mysteries and features that this stunning river has to offer to keep you guessing.

Enchanted River

Travel Diaries| Tinuy-an Falls of Bislig City

Tinuy-an Falls of Bislig City is one of Mother Nature’s most stunning gifts to the Philippines. This majestic 3-tiered waterfall is often referred to as the “Niagara of the Philippines” because of its wide water curtain. In fact, the waterfall is among the widest in country, measuring 95 meters wide and standing 55 meters high.

Tinuy-An Falls

A Short Guide to Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is a large city located on the Mediterranean coast in Catalonia, Spain. This city has many architectural landmarks, traditional neighborhoods and parks decorated with fountains.

Walk around the city center.

Barcelona has a large network of public transport, several bus stations, a main train station and an airport nearby. After arriving in Barcelona visitors will be able to explore the city by foot. Las Ramblas is a set of main streets that connects the city's centric Catalonia square, where the airport shuttle drop off passengers, to the waterfront near the statue of Columbus. These main streets are filled with cafés, bars and restaurants and the boulevards are known for their colourful flower stalls and street performers.

Travel Diaries| I Love You Naked Agutayan

A must visit in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental, Agutayan Island has 5000 sq meters of fine white sand sitting on a 3 hectare marine sanctuary that serves as breeding ground of giant clams locally called as Taclobo and other marine species. With its shallow- clear water and amazing marine life, the spot is a perfect place for swimming, diving and snorkeling. 

Agutayan Island

Travel NOTES | Butuan City Travel Guide

Butuan City is spread across the Agusan River. This highly urbanized city previously held the distinction as the capital of Agusan del Norte until that was transferred to Cabadbaran. Still, it has retained its status as the regional center of the CARAGA Region where it belongs.

travel guide butuan

Travel NOTES | Bacolod City Travel Guide

Bacolod City is the capital of Negros Occidental. Widely known as the “City of Smiles”, the city has also ranked first as “Best Place to Live in the Philippines” in 2008. This beautiful, friendly city is well-known for its lively Mardi Gras-like Masskara Festival which draws tens of thousands of tourists from across the Philippines and outside the country.

Bacolod City Travel Guide

GUEST POST| Discovering Spain’s Vuelta a España Route


Perhaps known more for its gorgeous beaches and bustling cities, Spain holidays are great for a number of reasons, though many people may overlook the country when considering cycling breaks. However, there are some fantastic cycle routes throughout the country that are well worth checking out if you’re a keen cyclist considering where to take your next break.

Travel Diaries| Day Tour at Banana Beach Resort and Hijo Plantation

Banana Beach Resort in Tagum, Davao del Norte organized a day tour and lunch for bloggers set a day after the Indak-indak sa Kadalanan of the Kadayawan Festival. This was the perfect time to enjoy the resort since we were already in Davao for the festival.

Banana Beach Resort

Masskara Festival 2013 Schedule of Activities

Masskara Festival of the "City of Smiles” is one of the most awaited festivals in the country. Beats, smiles and vibrant colors are everywhere in the streets of Bacolod City every third week of October. 

Masskara 2013

Four Activities to Enjoy in Madrid.

Madrid is located in the center of Spain. This large city is known for its many cultural activities, its tapas bars and its nightlife. During a cheap city break in Madrid visitors will be able to explore the city's museums, parks and restaurants.


Tapas are traditional appetizers that are served with each drink ordered. In most bars tapas are made from local ingredients. Larger versions of tapas are raciones, and these can be shared. Typical tapas include a selection of olives and pickles, huevos rotos con hamón ham served with fried eggs and fries and tortilla de patata, a potato omelet.

GUEST POST| 10 Things to do in Perth

Perth, my home in the last 3 months is certainly a hectic city. And this is probably its value, not too big to be a metropolis, not too small to know everyone. Secure enough not to give you the stress of the city life, but modern enough so you do not miss anything. It has the perfect weather almost all year round, ideal for water sports such as surfing and kite surfing. Regarding hotels in Perth, I don’t have to say much since prices are cheaper than Melbourne – Sydney and the choice variety is wider. 


Travel NOTES | Davao City Travel Guide

Davao City is the country’s largest city by land area. This highly urbanized city is known by many nicknames, including as the “Crown Jewel of Mindanao” and the “City of Royalties”. The fact that tourists can enjoy a wide array of exciting outdoor activities also made this as the “EcoAdventure Capital of the Philippines”. Not only is it the regional center for Davao Region, it is also the primary hub for trade, commerce, and industry for the entire Mindanao area.

Davao City Travel Guide

A Guide to Florida's Top Rollercoasters

Florida is a place synonymous with theme parks. With everything from Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando to Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida is the home of fun. So, if you’re looking for a break from traipsing around sites of historical significance, art galleries and museums then why not indulge in a little excitement in some of the best theme parks in the world?

If you're planning the holiday of a lifetime in Florida, then it's important that you plan it carefully. Although a trip to Orlando is all about letting go and enjoying yourself, you don't want to miss out on any of the best parks or top rollercoasters so we've compiled a backwards countdown of the top five.

SnapShot| Oil Spill in Cebu

Oil Spill in Cebu

Travel Notes: 21 August 2013 10:05 am| Aerial view of oil spill in Cebu - from the MV StThomas Aquinas of 2GO Travel, which sank after colliding with the cargo ship  MV Sulpicio Express 7 (16 August 2013) | On board Cebu Pacific Air flight 5J382, Cagayan de Oro to Manila diverted to Mactan International Airport due to bad weather condition caused by Typhoon Maring and Habagat- affecting incoming and outgoing flights in NAIA| 

Kadayawan Festival 2013 Winners

Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan is one of the major event of Davao City’s Kadayawan Festival. This street parade is a must-see in the festival, with the city’s major thoroughfares closed off to traffic for the entire event. This colourful parade features graceful dancers decked in splendid, colourful costumes and dancing to the beat of ethnic-inspired music. Read more about Kadayawan Festival HERE.

Kadayawan Festival 2013

7107 Islands’ Fiesta| The Kadayawan Festival of Davao City

The Kadayawan Festival of Davao City is billed to be the country’s “festival of festivals”, drawing tens of thousands of people from across the nation and foreigners as well.

There’s a burst of color everywhere across the city. The Kadayawan Festival seems to draw out all tints and hues of various colors, making a huge splash that actually appeals to the eyes. This majestic festival features a number of events and activities that should keep you busy. Enjoy as many activities as you can to make your trip worthwhile.

Kadayawan Festival 2013

Press Release| Murang Lipad offers travel assistance to passengers affected by flight cancellations

Here’s great news for travelers! Murang Lipad, a division of Triplestar Travel and Tours, announced that it is offering flight reservation assistance to passengers affected by flight cancellations. It services ticket reservation of all major carriers in the Philippines, particularly Tiger Air, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Air Asia and Jetstar.

murang lipadlogo NEW

GUEST POST| On a trip through Europe, why not enjoy all Malta has to offer – including an English language course?

When travelling through Europe you are faced with many different options for new cultural experiences, sporting activities and relaxing breaks. Why not make one of these new experiences an English course in Malta and take home with you not only great photographs of your trip and memories of new friends but a new skill that’s both fun and useful.


Travel Diaries | Hilltop Food House and Marble Rocks of Kitcharao

The Province of Romblon is known as the “Marble Capital of the Philippines” and I thought that this kind of rock can only be found in this province. I was proved wrong one Saturday in August 2013 when we traveled to Surigao del Norte to attend a meeting.

Hilltop Food House and Marble Rocks of Kitcharao

GUEST POST| Mastering the Art of Visiting the Edinburgh Festival: Top Tips and Advice

The term, ‘Edinburgh Festival’ blankets a range of festivals in the Scottish capital that occur, predominantly, in the month of August and includes the revelries of the International Festival, the Military Tattoo, the Book Festival, the Arts Festival and of course, the infamous Edinburgh Fringe. As thousands upon thousands of people flock to the city for a month of music, dance and performance, as a visitor, you’re going to need some tips and advice to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

It’s recommended to secure your accommodation as soon as possible, particularly if you’re planning on staying in the heart of the city, because these premium-location rooms will get booked up quickly. Book a Travelodge in Edinburgh to take advantage of some of the best deals around.

GUEST POST| Egypt Escapes

When we think of Egypt, we conjure up images of huge pyramids, endless sandy deserts and camel rides! But actually there’s an awful lot more to discover on a holiday to Egypt.


PostCard Series| Twilight in Odiongan Wharf

Daungan in Gingoog City

“It's twilight. It’s the safest time of day for us. The easiest time. But also the saddest, in a way...the end of another day, the return of the night. Darkness is so predictable, don’t you think?” 

                                                                                                                                                  ― Stephenie MeyerTwilight

GUEST POST| 5 Lesser Known Cruises for the Cruise Holiday Lovers

If you've been on a cruise or two, chances are you’re hooked. It’s easy to fall in love with this style of holidaying, the relaxation that comes with not having pack and unpack, a new site to explore every day, and the comfort of all-inclusive meals, accommodation, entertainment and activities. For seasoned cruise travelers, we've picked five lesser-known cruises, to inspire you when you go to book your next holiday. 


The Antarctic Circle may not be your first thought for a cruise holiday, but it offers a lot of draw cards. For starters, the ship is small, and custom-built for forging through icy waters and rough seas. A smaller ship equals a more intimate holiday; perfect if you’re tired of the crowds that pack the larger, mainstream cruise lines. Antarctica cruises typically attract adventure travellers, so if it’s adventure you seek, you’ll be in good company. Cruises to Antarctica run from October to March, and summer days offer up to 20 hours of sunlight per day.

PostCard Series| An Island in Hayanggabon

an island in Hayanggabon

"People who don't travel cannot have a global view, all they see is what's in front of them. Those people cannot accept new things because all they know is where they live..."
                                                                                                                                    ---Martin Yan 

GUEST POST| Independent Operator vs. Household Name – for your Sailing Holiday Choices

The sailing & Yachting industry, like any other sector of the Leisure Travel Market offers consumers plenty of choice whether this is flotilla sailing, bareboat charter or fully crewed charter.

For many the comfort and security of booking with a household name, owned by one of the two gigantic multinational corporations that dominate the UK travel industry is a reasoned choice. The arguments for are financial security, an assumption that they will adhere to the highest safety standards and an expectation of a reasonable quality of yacht and good service from resort staff.

GUEST POST| How to Raise Some Extra Cash for Your Holiday

Summer is here and holiday season is upon us. Unfortunately for many, going away is impossible - with household budgets already feeling strained, being able to afford to spend a couple of weeks in the sun is only something which can entertain your imagination.

Pacifico Beach

GUEST POST| Luxury Virgin Campsite in Kenya

If you do not like space travel offered by various companies, you can always be guests for a tented holiday in Kenya. Certainly not a campsite of a single star since it is a kind of proposal out of the line of business of the head of the Virgin. But a sort of Glamping for wealthy tourists, a safari camp called Mahli Mzuri and located 240 kilometers from Nairobi.

Among the recommended activities for guests of Mahli are of course the safari (preferably photographic) in Motorogi and Olare Orok conservancies, a tour to discover the Masai villages and the days spent between spas and infinity pools. You can also finish your days with outdoor barbecue or picnic with champagne since they offers a wide variety of camping tables.