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Perth, my home in the last 3 months is certainly a hectic city. And this is probably its value, not too big to be a metropolis, not too small to know everyone. Secure enough not to give you the stress of the city life, but modern enough so you do not miss anything. It has the perfect weather almost all year round, ideal for water sports such as surfing and kite surfing. Regarding hotels in Perth, I don’t have to say much since prices are cheaper than Melbourne – Sydney and the choice variety is wider. 


The best attractions are definitely out of the city, in the nature that surrounds it, but here are ten things (free) that you should do once there:

1. Upgrade to King's Park, where you will find the botanical gardens overlooking the best view of the city that you can have. Take a tour at night to see the lights of the buildings that reflect on the Swan River.

2. Go searching for kangaroos in Heirisson Island. Not far from the center, this small island in the Swan River has a reserve of kangaroos, which will probably dozing under a tree in the shade.

3. Go into one of the most famous beaches of Perth, Cottesloe Beach or Scarborough Beach, to watch the sunset while relaxing. The conditions there are excellent to try surfing, but beware of the sharks!

4. Visit Fremantle. The locals call it Freo and it is a seaside town not far from Perth, built in European style, very pretty, with restaurants on the harbor, parks, and beautiful buildings. You can also visit the Little Creatures Brewery, the local brewery, known throughout Australia.

5. Go to the Cultural Centre. Near the center of town there is the cultural district, where you will find Western Australia Art Gallery, PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts), the Western Australian Museum and the WA State Library, all with exhibitions constantly updated, and interesting pieces of art Aboriginal.

6. Take a tour of the premises of Northbridge, the Fiera "alternative", where you will find nightclubs, ethnic restaurants, and unique shops. It is also the area of ​​backpackers; most of the hostels are located there.

7. Go to the South of Perth - photographing the city from across the river is a must, especially at night, which reflects on the river.

8. There are no words for Burswood Casino, a large facility with restaurants, bars and a nightclub upstairs.

9. Unfortunately, one of the attractions of the city is also shopping. The malls are a little bit everywhere, from the two pedestrian streets of Hay St and Murray St, Outlet in Harbour Town, the "Fresh" shopping center which has a tunnel that stretches for a whole mile. In the suburbs of the city you can find as many as you want, always with the usual shops, always with the same brands, always with the usual people. 

10. Finally, for those who have some money to spend, trips out of town are the best attractions. From the Pinnacles Desert, the wine-producing area of ​​the Swan River, the ferry to Rottnest Island, in the south-east in the city comeMargaret River, Bunbury, Esperance or Albany, and many other places in this location.

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