GUEST POST| Mastering the Art of Visiting the Edinburgh Festival: Top Tips and Advice

The term, ‘Edinburgh Festival’ blankets a range of festivals in the Scottish capital that occur, predominantly, in the month of August and includes the revelries of the International Festival, the Military Tattoo, the Book Festival, the Arts Festival and of course, the infamous Edinburgh Fringe. As thousands upon thousands of people flock to the city for a month of music, dance and performance, as a visitor, you’re going to need some tips and advice to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

It’s recommended to secure your accommodation as soon as possible, particularly if you’re planning on staying in the heart of the city, because these premium-location rooms will get booked up quickly. Book a Travelodge in Edinburgh to take advantage of some of the best deals around.

There’s nothing worse than turning up at the Edinburgh Festival with no idea of what you’re going to see, do or experience. While you may experience chaos at the festival itself, with sights and sounds flooding your vision constantly, that doesn’t mean you can’t work from a planned itinerary. Book tickets to shows you want to see in advance and take advantage of the show schedules that are released in plenty of time. The Edinburgh Festival Guide will help you to make the most of the experience.

Take time out to feed yourself, rather than stuffing your mouth with crisps and a sarnie at whichever venue you’re in. Much like you would when camping at a festival in the middle of a muddy field, set yourself some guidelines and try to stick to them. Promise yourself a daily hot meal, or make some time for a hearty breakfast before the daily shenanigans begin. Make sure you check out the street food available – the range and quality is awesome.

British weather isn’t exactly the most predictable, so make sure you pack things that will keep you warm and dry, no matter what the skies hold. Pack a lightweight, waterproof jacket to protect yourself from inevitable downfalls and make sure you wear sensible footwear because you’ll undoubtedly be doing a lot of walking up and down cobbled streets – stilettos aren’t exactly the best choice.

Rather than driving to Edinburgh and struggling for parking, hop on a train to take away the inconvenience. You can book ahead and utilise advance deals, saving you money on your journey.
Once you have arrived in the city, get your bearings and learn the basics of where things are. Take a map or use the one on your smartphone, so that you won’t miss anything due to being lost.

During the Edinburgh Festival, bars have a late license until 5am in some cases, with some performances scheduled after 1am. Take this into consideration when planning your day, but make sure that you try and get as much sleep as you need to function and appreciate the festival as much as possible.

The spirit of the Edinburgh Festival isn’t just about the bigwig shows that play to sell-out audiences. Take your time to appreciate the smaller additions to the line-up and immerse yourself in the astounding atmosphere.
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