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If you’re looking for a holiday destination with fascinating history, stunning beaches, the finest mojitos, cracking nightlife and cars more colourful than Simon Cowells love life, then there’s only one destination right? Of course I’m talking about Cuba. They also have a thriving bird watching community apparently, but let’s forget about that and focus on what makes the Caribbean’s’ largest Island a must go destination for those who want it all.

Vive Cuba

Approximately 330 miles from Miami, Cuba couldn’t be more different if it tried, and why would it even bother? Having spent several decades being entirely self-sufficient, the Island has managed to retain its old fashioned, colonial charm, but the free spirit way of life means they have also embraced modern culture. Thankfully, this hasn’t extended to the automobile industry yet, meaning you can still marvel at the so hip it hurts vintage American cars.

If topping up your tan on a white sandy beach that looks as though it’s been through Photoshop times ten, then you’re also in the right place. You might want to avoid Varadero Beach, as although beautiful, it has become a victim of its own success and is known for being a bit of a tourist ghetto. Instead, head to the east of Havana on the north coast and after a 15 minute drive, you’ll find a 10 mile stretch of coastline that’s equally beautiful, but less congested.

Mojitos and Malecon

A trip to Cuba is not complete of course without a night out in Havana. It would be like going to the moon but forgetting your flag and camera phone. Well not really, but you know what I mean. If you fancy a tipple in the place that claims to be the birthplace of the mojito, then go to La Bodeguita Medio. This joint has been servicing the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Salvador Allende since it first opened its doors back in 1942. It’s a bit of a tourist trap, but one that lives up to its hype.

There are many other, cheaper bars in Havana, where you can grab a few beers and get involved in a spot of salsa dancing. If you’ve got two left feet, you may want to take a wonder down the Malecon. This is the sea wall that runs alongside the Havana coastline, and is a magnet for local partygoers at weekends.

Museum of the Revolution, Havana

The Museum of the Revolution is essential for even passive history fans. Here you will learn all about the Cuban Revolution of 1959 and the much celebrated Che Guevera, whose face is a symbol of hope and rebellion. And also a symbol for fast, easy cash for people around the world selling cheap t-shirts and cigarette lighters to gullible tourists. If you find time, do take a trip to Castillode la Real Fuerza, which is Cuba’s oldest building.

Active types might want to check out the water sports, and especially scuba diving. With four main dive locations, the best being Isla de la Juventud (The Isle of Youth), the crystal waters offer the perfect setting to check out the tropical fish and turtles.
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  1. My friend got married on the beach in Holguin and it was lovely. From the moment we got there we instantly fell in love with this little island.


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