GUEST POST| How to Raise Some Extra Cash for Your Holiday

Summer is here and holiday season is upon us. Unfortunately for many, going away is impossible - with household budgets already feeling strained, being able to afford to spend a couple of weeks in the sun is only something which can entertain your imagination.

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However, by doing a few simple things you may be able to raise the extra cash you need to take away on holiday with you. Try starting with these simple tips.

Work out a budgeting plan

First things first; something so simple yet so important - a budgeting plan can solve many problems when it comes to working out how much money you have spare each week or month in your household. Write down how much income you have and then deduct all of your bills, food shops and other essentials to find out how much ‘disposable’ cash you have available. Then work out how many weeks it will take for you to save up these amounts in order to afford a week or two away.

Get an extra job

Nobody likes to work too hard and having to work 24/7 certainly isn’t on many people’s agendas. However, if it only needs to be a temporary thing then surely it can’t be too bad, especially when you think about the reward you will get at the end of it. Is it worth taking on a few extra hours of work a day for a few months, when you know that you’ll be able to sip cocktails on the beach when you are done? I think so!

Sell some of your things

Most homes have so much clutter around the place that it’s technically just money going to waste. Why not decide to have a sort through your old belongings and have a clear-out. When I went through my house recently, it was quite therapeutic - I made a pile for things that could be thrown away, some stuff which I could give to charity and then I decided to sell the rest of my stuff using the internet which made me a bit of extra cash.

Change your spending habits

You don’t even need to do anything drastic, but a few cuts here and there can make a massive difference. For example, in the supermarket, try buying the store’s own produce rather than a premium brand. Perhaps avoid walking around the shops on the weekend so you aren’t tempted into making any impulse purchases. Also, when you do need to buy things, try hunting out bargains online and compare prices so you know you are getting the best deal.

Change your lifestyle

Finally, look at whether you can change your lifestyle. If it is possible to walk to work, or perhaps even cycle, this could save you money on an expensive commute, and make you fitter and happier in the long run. If you currently buy lunch every day in your break, try making a packed lunch and bringing it to work with you instead. Then, think about whether you need certain items that you buy, and if you do whether you can get them second hand at a greatly reduced price.

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  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. agree with changing lifestyle and spending habits! :D great tips!

  3. I've always wanted to travel but don't have the budget. Looks like these tips will indeed be handy if I seriously want to pursue my dream of traveling abroad!

  4. These are some really useful insights. Thanks for sharing the tips!

  5. Excellent post lovely information, I am a newbie in the blogging and this pots got me some quite important information about how could i got some extra money, really i appreciate for this thanks lot

  6. from our experience, we save up for travel expenses from our budget and some from my online gigs.. but we always end up spending more than we should.. any tips on that? How not to overspend while travelling?

  7. I've always wanted to declutter our home but I can't seem to find time. I wish I could save up and go out with family before the year ends.

  8. I agree that we should only keep things we use and like, and dispose of those that go idle at home, earn cash from it and well use it for travel. From there, we learn to value money and spend only on things that matter.


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