GUEST POST| Luxury Virgin Campsite in Kenya

If you do not like space travel offered by various companies, you can always be guests for a tented holiday in Kenya. Certainly not a campsite of a single star since it is a kind of proposal out of the line of business of the head of the Virgin. But a sort of Glamping for wealthy tourists, a safari camp called Mahli Mzuri and located 240 kilometers from Nairobi.

Among the recommended activities for guests of Mahli are of course the safari (preferably photographic) in Motorogi and Olare Orok conservancies, a tour to discover the Masai villages and the days spent between spas and infinity pools. You can also finish your days with outdoor barbecue or picnic with champagne since they offers a wide variety of camping tables.

The structure is consisted of 12 luxury tents designed as a suite for two people and equipped with private bathrooms (since going out at night in the midst of lions to go to the toilet seems to be deprecated) and it has a ultra-panoramic terrace on the savannah.

To know exactly how much a night at Mahli Mzuri you need to write to Virgin ( The opening is scheduled for the month of August.

The one in Kenya is the latest of the jewels of the Virgin Limited Edition Collection. The others are Necker Island (Caribbean), Ulusaba (South Africa), Kasbah Tamadot (Morocco), the Roof gardens (London), The Lodge (Switzerland) and Makepeace Island (Australia).

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  1. I would like to visit Kenya to see why they run so fast, maybe it has something to do with their environment. The wild would also be a really nice place to visit.

  2. Kenya is also a good place to visit. Just dont only visit to Kenya to see why they run so fast but also enjoy the beauty of the place.

  3. I want to travel to Kenya because this country is sooo "safari." haha it's been my dream to visit places such as this. =)


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