Traveling Morion's AirAsia Zest Destination Wish List

Wish list? Yes I have! I began listing my dream destinations in the country (and abroad) the time I also started this advocacy of promoting 7107 islands through sharing of photographs and travel stories. In this age of “teki” gadgets, I am still using the old skul type of “notebooks and journals”. Attached in the said journal is a map I bought in a bookstore 2 years ago - with marks and notes to indicate whether I already visited/explored a certain province/destination. 


Let me share the Top 3 Destinations I want to visit or re-visit in my beloved Philippines

  • Kalibo (Boracay). Of course, this paradise island is on the top! Boracay is colloquial to perfect summer get-away and yeah, one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. I love taking jump shots and I’m pretty sure Boracay is the perfect spot to capture that stunt!
  • Puerto Prinsesa (Palawan). One word, Paradise! First that comes in my mind whenever i'm thinking of the perfect destination where I can enjoy the nature at its finest. Of course, exploring The Underground River is on the top of my list; feasting on seafoods and tasting their famous exotic delicacy –Tamilok is on my top agenda.  Palawan’s nature is simply amazing!  I can’t find the exact words to describe how diverse its nature is.
  • Cebu. Yes, I want to re-visit Cebu! This province is one of the closest in my heart- my home for more than 3 memorable years. I want to re-visit all the old churches and historical edifices, beaches, and waterfalls of the province – literally from North to South, from east to west. Cebu simply means history, beautiful places and people.

Given the chance to Travel in Asia with AirAsia, my Top 3 destinations would be

  • Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. I saw a lot of breathtaking photographs of this destination!  I want to explore and feel the wilderness in Kinabalu National Park and do camping at Crocker Range National Park.
  • Incheon, South Korea. One of the reasons is I am a great fan of Korean Novelas! I am imagining myself walking in the romantic streets of Korea, experiencing its rich culture, tasting sumptuous Korean foods!
  • Shanghai, China. I want to experience modern city at its finest! Ride in magnetic-levitation train, do shopping, never-ending photowalk, and streetfoods stalls - hoping are listed on my itinerary.

AirAsia Zest
visit: AirAsia Zest  website HERE or CLICK the photo

AirAsia Zest, The Right Way to Fly

By the way, I've heard a good news for travelers and adventurers like me.  It was recently announced that Zest Air is now flying with Airasia, the world’s 5-time best low cost airline. The Civil Aeronautics Board (“CAB”) approved “AirAsia Zest” as the new brand name of Zest Airways, Inc. CAB also approved the new logo of Zest Airways, Inc., wherein the Zest name has been incorporated into the iconic red hot circle, which is the signature logo of AirAsia. 

AirAsia Zest Chairman Mikee Romero said, “We are excited to introduce AirAsia Zest, and what it represents. With our alliance, we are well positioned to offer our guests the strength of our combined network of domestic and international routes and unrivaled daily low fares, proving a world class travel experience that every Filipino deserves.

We hope this brand new look is the first of many steps towards making AirAsia Zest an airline that continues to revolutionize air travel in the Philippines. We are geared up and committed to ensuring that AirAsia Zest lives up to the same incredibly high standards of AirAsia,” Romero added.

In addition, AirAsia Philippines revealed that they’re moving its flights from Clark Airport to Manila (Terminal 4) in order to serve better more Filipinos who want to fly! 

Yeehaw! I can now travel in the Philippines and Asia to explore these amazing destinations at affordable rates. Thank you AirAsia Zest!

Let's #explore7107islands

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  1. I haven't been to any of the places you mentioned.. but if there is one place that is on top of my travel list, that's Ilocos Norte :)

    1. Wow! very interesting din ang Ilocos Region Mommy Pehpot :) Thanks for dropping here :)


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