A Short Guide to Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is a large city located on the Mediterranean coast in Catalonia, Spain. This city has many architectural landmarks, traditional neighborhoods and parks decorated with fountains.

Walk around the city center.

Barcelona has a large network of public transport, several bus stations, a main train station and an airport nearby. After arriving in Barcelona visitors will be able to explore the city by foot. Las Ramblas is a set of main streets that connects the city's centric Catalonia square, where the airport shuttle drop off passengers, to the waterfront near the statue of Columbus. These main streets are filled with cafés, bars and restaurants and the boulevards are known for their colourful flower stalls and street performers.

Explore Gaudí's architecture

The city's architecture is one of the reasons why many visitors spend a city break in Barcelona. The city's main symbol is Gaudí's unfinished Sagrada Familia Cathedral. The cathedral has several carved facades and towers, and visitors will be able to climb the hundreds of stone steps that lead to a small observation deck inside one of the towers. Tours are organized around the cathedral's interior.

In the centric Eixample district, which is known for its large houses, visitors will find two of Gaudí's most famous structures. Casa Batlló is a mansion with a sandstone facade covered in trencadis, a local type of colourful mosaic. The building has iron wrought balconies in the shape of schools and the roof top is decorated with mosaic statues. The nearby Casa Milá, the Pedrera, is famous for its wavy stone facade. Visitors will be able to tour part of this houses that has no straight lines, and during a visit to the rooftops visitors will be able to enjoy views towards the city center.

Enjoy a stroll in a park

After touring these buildings visitors can enjoy a stroll in Parc Güell, a large park located on a hill. This park was partially designed by Gaudí and the architect's house has been converted in a museum inside the park. There is a large tiled observation deck that has a semicircular bench from where visitors will be able to enjoy views towards the city and the Mediterranean sea. Below the observation deck there is a porch area held up by bony columns that is used for events.

The Ciutadella park is a larger park located near the city center. This park, known for the city zoo that is located on its territory, has several museums, including the Martorell Museum and the Laboratory of Nature, which is part of the city's Natural History Museum. There are several paths decorated with fountains, and one of the main fountains is Gaudí's Cascada fountain, an arch with an artificial waterfall flowing out of it.

Visit the aquarium.

The city has an urban beach, the Barceloneta beach, which attracts many locals and visitors. Visitors will be able to visit the city of Barcelona on a tour and then enjoy an afternoon on the beach. The beach promenade is decorated with sculptures and statues and there are several traditional restaurants nearby. Near the Port Vell area, the city's old port, is the Maremagnum center, a large shopping mall that has several bars and restaurants. Next to it is the city's aquarium, where visitors will be able to swim with sharks.
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