Negros Oriental | Balinsasayao and Danao, the Twin Lakes of Sibulan

Among the wonderful lakes found in Negros Oriental, Lake Danao and Lake Balinsasayao are just two promising lakes in the province. Naturally formed and created by volcanic eruption and tectonic faults. Although, they are separated with each other and Lake Danao is about a 10-meter trek up from Lake Balinsasayao, these are like twins which being fed by the slender little Olayan Falls ahead of them.

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes of Sibulan

Highly maintained and well protected, the natural park is taken care by the Balinsasayao Farmers Association although the management is still under the provincial government itself. These members are responsible for life within the area. They are also the ones who brought back the park in life and restoration which eventually bear the fruit of rich forest and bountiful water ecosystems. Concurrently, they earn as they preserved and protect. Read also my feature on Aloguinsan River Cruise.

And if you are thinking about the food, maybe you shall not for there is a restaurant situated in the viewing deck of the Lake Balinsasayao. So, feed your tummy as you feed your eyes. There are also snack packs sold by the Balinsasayao Farmers Association together with the souvenirs they have for visitors at prices you surely will not hesitate for buying what you want.

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes of Sibulan
No, this is not part of the Twin Lakes. This "small lake" or we called it the third lake, located near the registration area, is a beautiful welcome view to the visitors of the nature park.

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes of Sibulan

Activities Offered

For the fullest experience of the place, you may want to try these extra activities to spice up your twin lakes experience.
  • Paddle Boating/Kayaking – take a ride on the paddle boats to explore the clear waters of Balinsasayao and reach a visit to Lake Danao and the tiny Olayan Waterfall that feeds the whole lake, or;
  • Trekking – is another good choice to give a place some view and exploration
  • Fish Spa – fishes underwater offers relaxing massage with its tiny nibbles on your skin, the choice is yours to make whether it be just your feet or dip steadily your body underwater
  • Daylight Camping – there might be no overnight camping allowed but a tent on a day is such so good after all with the cool breeze, chirping birds and water teeming sounds of nature
  • Fernery Trip – where both edible and medicinal ferns of different varieties are propagated for local use and conservation purposes

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes of Sibulan

Travel Notes
  • Be prepared for more than an hour habal-habal (motorcycle) ride from Sibulan/Dumaguete going to the twin lakes
  • You can bring your own foods. What we do is we buy fresh fish in Sibulan Market and have it cooked in the area- we just ask for the permission to set-up grills in one of the spot near the cottage we rented
  • Wear comfortable clothes and hiking shoes
  • During our visit, swimming and snorkeling are prohibited – I forgot to ask the “scientific why” but my colleagues told me “may nangunguha”. Really???
  • Don’t forget your camera!
  • Bring binoculars, long lenses or your bird watching equipments (if you have). The forests surrounding the twin lakes are best for bird watching.
  • BTW, flying drone camera is prohibited in the area.
  • Last but the most important, DON'T LITTER!

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes of Sibulan

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes of Sibulan

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes of Sibulan

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes of Sibulan

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes of Sibulan

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes of Sibulan

How to Get There

From Dumaguete City or Sibulan
  • Take a jeepney ride bound to San Jose (a 15- minute ride) and just tell the driver that you are heading to Balinsasayao Twin Lakes so he can drop you off at eskina (crossing going to the lakes). The fare is at ₱15.00. Then;
  • Ride on a single motorcycle (habal-habal) to direct you to the lake entrance. The 2-way fare is ₱400.00 for 2 heads but other drivers are such opportunistic of charging ₱300- ₱400/head (fairly, just some although others can be haggled too) and if you are skilled in driving, better go back to Dumaguete City and have a motorcycle rent for only ₱400.00/day.
  • You can hire a habal-habal from Dumaguete City or Sibulan that will directly bring you to Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Nature Park.

Price and/or Fees 
  • Environmental fee: ₱10.00/person
  • Parking Fee: ₱10 (Motorcycle); ₱25 (Car); ₱50 (Vans/SUV)
  • Entrance Fee: ₱40 (Local); ₱100 (Non-Filipino)
  • Cottages: ₱100
  • Paddle Boat: ₱250/hour (good for 6 pax)
  • Kayak: ₱100/hour

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