Travel Diaries| Crossing the Philippines' Longest Wooden Bridge

Just imagine the feeling while walking and crossing the two islands by wooden footbridge - breathing the freshest air; witnessing the majestic blue and green view that surrounds; and the excitement every-time the waves strike below your feet... Sarap!

Have you ever heard or read something  about the Philippines' longest wooden bridge? Yes, longest wooden bridge at 391 meters strip connecting the two islands in Surigao City.

Tagged as Surigao’s version of the famed San Juanico Bridge of Samar-Leyte Province, The Cantiasay - San Pedro wooden bridge connects villages of San Pedro in Hanigad Island and Cantiasay in Nonoc Island. 

The Planning 

Tambay mode in a coffee shop in Manila updating this blog when a photograph of an old, long, and lovely wooden bridge caught my attention. Then, I remember a fellow travel blogger sharing about the longest wooden bridge in the country located in Surigao City, my new area of work assignment this year. 

Hindi pwedeng hindi ko mapuntahan yang longest wooden bridge na yan, sayang ang moment na nasa Surigao na rin lang naman ako:)”. 

Timing! Two days ahead at that time, I am scheduled to go back in Mindanao for the usual work itineraries and of course "sidetrips" hehehe. 

So I've posted in my blog’s FB Fan Page wall that I am planning to explore the said wooden bridge on the second Saturday of November. Got some THUMBS UP and of course comments including from my fellow travel bloggers Nathalie of Wandering Soles (the Lady in long gown with zwarovsky crystals- tama ba spelling?:) and Dennis of Love Mindanao (the CONFI) hahaha PEACE PEACE. So wala na tong urungan:) as the “kaladkaring" Love Mindanao (his new tag)  already confirmed he's joining me, while Nathalie can’t make it because of her travel in Davao scheduled prior  to this. Sir Nick Amores of Surigao City Tourism Council also commented and gave us some info./ guide on how to go to Barangay Cantiasay and suggested other interesting spots in Surigao City.

The Travel

So this is it! Saturday Morning, Love Mindanao and I meet in Surigao City Integrated Terminal Passengers' Area. He’s from a long bus trip - from Surigao del Sur. We just have had our  breakfast in the famous food chain with cute, hug-gable  jolly mascot then proceed to the boulevard area. 

Unfortunately, we found out that the passenger boat going to Cantiasay will be leaving by 12:00NOON pa - according to one of the crews. We also asked if there are also scheduled trip going back to Surigao City from 12:00NOON to 4:00PM. "Wala na, kinabukasan pa ng maaga" he replied. So it is not possible for us to go back to Surigao City in the afternoon if we will take the public transport. Considering my early morning activities on Sunday, we decided to find a fisherman with motorized banka for hire whose willing to service us going back and forth to Cantiasay. A local vendor advised us to go to Barangay Taft's Wharf Area, where some fishermen are usually resting in the morning and willing to service tourists for island hopping and other island activities. The wharf is a tricycle ride from the boulevard area. After a good negotiation (and haggling),  Manong Eddie, a local fisherman from Barangay Taft, agreed for 1200 pesos rate - that's already good for back and forth trip to Cantiasay. 

View from Bo. San Pedro in Hanigad Island. Love Mindanao taking photographs

The Adventure 

We arrive in Barangay San Pedro's wharf around 10:00AM. Sweet smile of of the locals - that's the best welcome!

It took us almost an hour to cross the 391 meters wooden bridge. We enjoyed taking shots of never-ending subjects and sceneries. The clear sky and beautiful clouds is a perfect view; the backdrop mountains and greens is a refreshing sight; the calm sea mesmerized my soul - this place is a hidden paradise! 


If only given proper exposure and promotion, this side of Surigao City is a potential ecotourism site 


"The Local Business"
The Sweetest Smiles in the Bridge

In between two Barangays. 
Fish Cages. Raising Lapu-lapu for export and local consumption 

Going home. Worker of a mining company kilometers away from Bo. Cantiasay.

View from Bo. Cantiasay in Nonoc Island 
Edible Seaweed- "Lato". Still Abundant in the area.In fact just swim and harvest anywhere - walang bayad!:)

"Connecting Lives."


According to Ate Elena,  Barangay Kagawad in Cantiasay and our ever accommodating host, the name of their Barangay was derived from the name of her grandmother, “Asay” plus the words “Tiya”, a local dialect similarly/closely means “Impo” that is pronounced before the first name or nickname as sign of respect and "Kang" which mean "Kay" in Tagalog or To in English.  Tiya Asay is the only traditional doctor or albularyo during early times servicing locals of the two island Barangays. If there are people looking for  traditional doctor or albularyo they will just say "Kang Tiya Asay" or Kay Tiya Asay  in Tagalog. 

The construction of the said wooden bridge started in 1979. Currently, the maintenance of the said wooden bridge is under the responsibility of the city government  of Surigao.

Other Notes

There is no electric company or cooperative servicing the area. The locals are hopeful that the planned electrification project in the area by an electric cooperative from Dinagat Province would be turned into reality next year. They only have one (1) big generator set servicing the 2 islands but,  only running from 6:00PM to 10:00PM – in time for watching news and teleserye’s according to Ate Elena. 

I would like to express my warmest "Thank You!" to the Barangay officials and locals of Barangay Cantiasay for accommodating us during our short stay in the island. Special mention to Kagawad Elena! Thank you also to  Sir Richard Nick Amores of Surigao City Tourism Council  and  Mt. Baragabon Resort and Hotel for the support!

Plan your trip now going to “The City of Island Adventures” - Surigao City! Don’t forget to include Cantiasay - San Pedro Wooden Footbridge on your itinerary.

How to Get There

From Manila.
  • By Plane (Direct flight) : Airphil Express - Daily | Cebu Pacific - Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • By Boat: 2Go Travel - Tuesday
From Cebu 
  • By Plane(Direct flight)  : Airphil Express - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday | Cebu Pacific - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and    Sunday
  • By Boat : Cokaliong - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday | Cebu Ferries - Monday, Wednesday and Friday
From Butuan, Davao, Cagayan de Oro and other parts of Mindanao
  • By Bus or Van - daily

Take a tricycle/multicab going to the Boulevard Area of Surigao City. Fare costs 9-11 pesos. Scheduled passenger-boat leaves Surigao Boulevard going to San Pedro Wharf of Hanigad Island around 12:00N. Return trip would be on the following day. The boat leaves San Pedro Wharf around 7:00-8:00AM, going to Surigao City Boulevard. But if your plan is a day tour, just like ours, go to the wharf in Barangay Taft and look for a motorized boat for hire - don''t forget to haggle. Cost for back and forth travel is around 1200-1500 pesos.  From Surigao Boulevard travel time going to Cantiasay is less than an hour.

P.S. If you want to hire a motorized banka/boat, I highly recommend Kuya Eddie. Call or text him ahead in this number: 09302667895. Currently, there are no Inns, pension houses or hotels in the area. Camping/tent and home stay are the only possible way to stay overnight in the islands. You can call or text the ever hospitable Ate Elena at least two (2) days ahead. She’s very much willing to accommodate travelers and visitors. Her cellular phone number is 09127445635. Also, don’t forget to pay courtesy call to the Barangay Captain. He is willing also to accommodate and give guide to island visitors and travelers.

Inquire Now| Surigao City Tourism Office
Boromeo St., Luneta Park, Surigao City
(086) 826-8064
Surigao City Airport Tel. Nos. (086) 826-1772/826-3898
Surigao City Port Tel Nos. (086) 826-5233/826-2015
City Integrated Land Transportation Terminal (086) 365-1252/2316650

For Package Tours|
Surigao Travel Activity Recreation Shop (STARS)
"your travel pal in Surigao"
(086)8261425 look for Sir Richard Amores
Bay 8 City Arcade Borromeo Street, Surigao City

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