6 Things Everyone Must Do in Tasmania

Tasmanian residents often say that they live on an "island of inspiration." Simply because national parks and reserves occupy as much as 45 percents of the territory. Such numbers really mean something and suggest that in Tasmania you will always find what to do. For those who are not in the mood of flip through travel guides, today Travel Ticker team from the website where you can find the best hotel deals will tell about the best six things you should definitely do in Tasmania.

Capture South Aurora Borealis

Those who yearn to see the Aurora do not have to go to Norway, Greenland or cold or harsh Russia. This breathtaking spectacle is actually also perfectly visible in Tasmania. If you do not want to be just a passive observer, definitely participate in photography courses intended to teach you to capture the Aurora. This way you will get back home not only with unforgettable memories, but breathtaking pictures as well!


Inspect the bay from the bird’s eye viewpoint

Wineglass Bay falls into the world's most beautiful beaches top ten lists for many years. Although the loose white sand, surrounded by clear blue water, allows moving away from civilization, travelers in this natural oasis can still enjoy free Wi-Fi so that you can share the best pictures from the beach on Facebook right away. To be fair, the beauty of this bay is best seen from the bird’s eye view - a helicopter can help to do that, or you can climb on near perched pink granite mountains.


Take a selfie with blooming tulips in the background

Forget about Holland’s tulip festivals - the real tulip festival takes place in Tasmania! To be honest, the vast area is covered with thousands of flowers not on April, as we are used to, but on October. This festival is not only an excellent opportunity to take a picture nearby colored carpet of flowers in the background, but also to gaze upon the endless spectacle: animal-dressed actors walking on stilts, goods sellers making their products on a spot, and spectacular night fireworks.


Inspect the magic pole

The so-called Totem pole which you can find in Tasmania is a challenge even for experienced mountaineers. This 65 meters tall pole's diameter is just 4 meters, and it has very steep slopes, but even that does not scare adrenaline-thirsty mountaineers. Scientists say that the fact that this pillar still stands despite natural erosion can be regarded as a miracle. However, it is believed that the future of this nature’s miracle is morose - cone may collapse at any time.


Check out returning penguins

Penguin city was named because of the fact, that in most of the surrounding beaches around the city, you can find hundred of penguins‘ babies. And if you would like to check them, the best time to observe them is in the evening, when they return to shore and slowly go into their caves.

If you visit this place at day, and you can‘t see those adorable birds anywhere, don‘t go far away and take a few pictures nearby another city celebrity - a 3-meter-high sculpture of a penguin.


Hike the island‘s "neck."

Tasmanian owned Bruny Island is without any doubt an oasis of peace, gifting its visitors the most enchanting sceneries. One of them - "neck" called isthmus connects the northern and southern parts of the island. Once you are walking down this a narrow path, which is washed by the ocean from both sides, you will have one of the best indescribable feelings in your life – trust us! 


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