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Do you know why the main road of Tagaytay City is called Aguinaldo Highway? It is said that back in the 1920s, General Emilio Aguinaldo often rode horseback on that route. Of course, back in the day, there wasn’t anything there, not even Taal Vista Hotel, which was built in 1939. The credit for that indirectly goes to President Manual Quezon, who wanted to develop the area as a tourist spot, and suggested it to the management of Manila Hotel at that time. The site of Taal Vista Hotel now was then known as “ilong Kastila,” (Spanish nose) referring to the shape of the land, which locals said, resembled a nose. Nowadays, Tagaytay City is definitely a thriving tourist spot, as evidence by the terrific traffic jams that clog the aforementioned Aguinaldo Highway every weekend. If you are planning to visit Tagaytay anytime soon, you should head there late Friday night or early morning Saturday to avoid the rush. Plan to leave before lunch on Sunday to do the same. Here are some of the top things to do in Tagaytay.

Sky Ranch

Sky Ranch

SM Prime Holding’s answer to Enchanted Kingdom, this is a more compact leisure park spread over 5 hectares, directly opposite Tagaytay International Convention Center on the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway. The entrance fee is PhP80 on weekdays, PhP100 on weekends per person, and you only pay for the rides you like. You have many options for food and drinks, and of course the usual attractions. Make sure you try the Sky eye, the biggest Ferris wheel in the Philippines with a top height of 63 meters. It will give you an excellent view of Taal Volcano, Tagaytay and surrounding areas. Sky eye will set you back PhP150 per person per ride.

Sky Ranch

People’s Park in the Sky

The ill-conceived Palace in the Sky of the Marcoses, slated to be the vacation retreat for the former dictator and his family, was converted into a public park after the Marcoses were ousted from power. Anyone with PhP30 can walk in and check out the incomplete mansion, and reflect on how much money had been wasted on the project. The good thing is the roads built to accommodate the delivery of construction supplies make the place easily accessible by car or jeep. You will also see the Doppler weather radar of PAGASA, and visit with the Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love established in 1974, which workers failed to blast away when construction began on the mansion in 1981. It offers a spectacular view of Taal Volcano from the view deck, which you can rent for half a day at RhP500. You can also rent huts (PhP100) to eat your picnic lunch and just enjoy the peace and cold air. 

Picnic Grove

If you want a better park experience, Picnic Grove is your best bet. It has a fantastic view of Taal Volacano, clean, and there are more things to do. It is ideal for picnics (hence the name), and you can choose to buy food there or bring your own. You can go horseback riding or go for a ride on the cable car or zipline (PhP200 to 300 one way, 300 to 400 roundtrip). Take a walk along the Eco trail if that is more your speed. Entrance fee is PhP50, and cottage rentals range from PhP100 to 500. 

Taal Lake


Bulalo (bone marrow soup with vegetables) is a very popular dish in Tagaytay, especially paired with crispy fried tawilis (freshwater sardine). You can choose any of the roadside restaurants for your soupy pleasure, but Viewpoint Inn is popular for its great view of Taal Volcano and reasonable prices.  You can also visit Leslie’s if you want truly delicious bulalo. You can choose from a variety of preparations, from original bulalo soup to bulalo steak. The soup is refillable, perfect for enjoying with bottles of beer.

Bulalo Tagaytay

Where to Stay

If you plan more than a day visit, I highly recommend Annie's Vacation House in Tagaytay Country Homes 1. It's "a home away from home"! The house is conveniently located within walking distance from Ayala Mall Serin and Lourdes Church. This 4-bedroom vacation house is perfect for family and barkada bonding. It has a spacious living and dining room, fully-equipped kitchen, and relaxing garden, all you need for a perfect family get-away. 

Be sure to book in advance by calling or texting Ms. Florlyn Delloson (+639182572310).

Where to Stay in Tagaytay

Where to Stay in Tagaytay

Where to Stay in Tagaytay
clean and comfy rooms - yep, it's a home away from home!

Where to Stay in Tagaytay
spacious living room area- for a perfect family vacation in Tagaytay

How to Get There (from Metro Manila)

By Car
      Take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) or Skyway and choose one of two exits:
  • Santa Rosa Exit (Exit 38) -  Travel along the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road. Take the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Road at Silang Junction
  • Carmona Exit (Exit 33) 0 Travel along Governor’s Drive and take Kaong to get to Aguinaldo Highway. Turn left at Silang Junction to get on the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway

By Bus
When commuting to Tagaytay, you can simply hail any provincial bus along the southbound lane of EDSA headed for Batangas. This includes JAM, BLTB, and Tritran buses. You can also go to the nearest terminals (many are also along EDSA). If you are on Ayala Avenue, look for the Erjohn & Almark buses headed for EDSA. They have buses going through every 30 minutes, bound for Nasugbu via Tagaytay. 


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