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India is a rich country in terms of culture and customs. So, if you have never been to India, you should plan a visit to the country and enjoy your time in there.

If you are traveling to India, here are some tips for you.

Sterilized Water

Well, as a tourist, you will soon realize that pure water is an issue in India. So, it is a good idea to carry a SteriPEN to purify your water. Relying on packaged water is not advisable because there are many places where you will notice that the packaged bottles might possibly be tampered.

Public Transport

Well, public transport in India is disorganized. So, be patient and if it starts getting dark, opt for registered private transport to move from one place to another.

Power Issues

Throughout the country, you will face power issues. Consider yourself lucky if you do not face power issues during your travel. Well, the point is to be ready with backup options. Carry a power bank and make sure that you are carrying a simple mobile phone (maybe a secondary phone) so that you can stay in touch with people whom you want to, all the time!

Train, train… oh no!

Traveling by train during the peak hours should be avoided. At any other point too, it is important to be careful because pickpockets wait for tourists to opt for the crowded trains. So, be careful.


This is an issue. We advise you not to promote them by giving them anything. If you feel like giving them something, it is a good idea to give them something to eat immediately. With no intention to detail this issue, let’s move on to the next point.


It is a definite paradise for those who wish to spend some time shopping for souvenirs. The best thing is that you will find many vendors offering the same product. So, you know that the scope of bargaining is huge. Simply watch locals bargaining and you will soon notice that even a nominal shopping budget has helped you buy a number of things.

Toilet Paper

Firstly, finding a clean toilet is an issue in the country. If you manage to find one, you might be disappointed because of missing toilet papers. In most of the places, you will notice that their bathrooms do not have the provision for a toilet paper. So, if you need it, carry it at all times.


This stands out to be the most important issue for women because there are places in India that are not safe for women. So, be careful with your selection and you will enjoy your time in the country.

Hotel Booking

Some of the average hotels in India are even expensive. So, book your hotel rooms via and get a good discount if you want to save money while traveling. You can also hunt for promo codes for an additional discount. Be sure that you choose unexpired promo codes only.

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