How to Save on Hotel Accommodation

Vacations are supposed to be all about exciting and relaxing fun. Whether you are planning a ski retreat, or an escape from the wintry weather to a more temperate climate you'll probably have to go through the process of booking a hotel. You probably are out there looking for the best possible hotel and vacation deals on the market. Well, if you are trying to travel on a budget, we have a few tips that are sure to help you find the accommodations you need at a price you can live with.


Do Your Research

The easiest way to save money on hotel accommodations or a vacation in general, is to do your research before you begin booking anything. There are hundreds of forums dedicated to travel, and many of those seasoned travelers are happy to share their knowledge and information. Starting there can be a good way to get an idea of what is worth the money and what is simple a waste of time and your hard earned cash.

After you've gotten a general idea of where you want to go and where you'd like to stay, do research peak and off-peak seasons. You'll also want to look into the expense of the packages available through the hotel or travel website you are using. Experts warn that “entertainment” packages are rarely a bargain, so do your research before you give into one of these options.

Be Flexible

Being a bit flexible with your accommodations when your on vacation can result in huge savings. For example, the summer is considered the off-peak season in Las Vegas. It can get pretty sweltering outside, but many of the main attractions of indoors and everything is climate controlled, anyway. Traveling off peak can result in hotel prices that are 50% less, in some locations, than the pricing during peak times. The same is true for beach locations. If you choose to vacation after labor day, you'll get reduced rates in the northeast coastal towns.

Even being willing to stay a bit further away from the action can help reduce the cost of your hotel accommodations. Don't be afraid to use local maps to pinpoint where you'd like to be, the set a radius around that area. This can be an easy and effective way to stay relatively close to the action, without paying the exorbitant price of a downtown hotel.

If you can plan your vacation to fall during the week, you can save money, too. Weekend hotel fares are generally more expensive than their midweek prices, so plan to vacation from Sunday through Friday, if at all possible. This can save you upwards of 25% on your hotel bill.

Call the Hotel

Sure, it might seem easier to simply book your entire vacation on a single website, but often times the hotel itself has the best prices available. If you know what hotel you'd like to stay at, many experts suggest calling the hotel directly and asking for a price quote. Often times, travel websites act as a middle man, and they don't get the best prices from a hotel, so call. It never hurts to ask the source directly about room rates. You may even be able to haggle the pricing down, or get a free day to your vacation this way.

Consider Alternatives

When you are looking to vacation on a budget, considering alternatives to the traditional hotel can save you a bundle. Hotel rates can be exceedingly high during peak vacation times, but home exchanges and utilizing apartment spaces in major cities can be a great option. AirBnB and HomeExchange are two companies that offer hotel alternatives for competitive pricing. If you plan to travel to a major city, this can be a great option.

Don't Forget About Hidden Fees

Hidden fees can be a real budget and vacation buzz-kill. Before you book your hotel make sure to call the hotel and ask about any additional fees that may be incurred. For example, some hotels charge for WiFi and phone access, while others include it in the price of the room. Some hotels will charge for parking on a per-day basis, while others offer it as a courtesy. You may also want to ask about breakfast and whether or not it is included in your plan. These might seem like small issues, but they can add up quickly and hidden fees can make your hotel room much more expensive than you had budgeted for.

Find Answers to your Questions 

If the companies you choose to travel with have a social media page, they most likely have an employee dedicated to checking that page for customer feedback and questions. Take advantage of that fact and ask them for any additional information you might need. Twitter tends to be the site with quickest response time. 

Sending a tweet can be helpful, even after the planning process. Airlines, airports, hotels, and resorts have some of the fastest response times to customer service questions on the site. If you find yourself in need of a flight status or a room change, try sending a quick tweet for a solution.

Get the Most for Your Money 

Often, companies will run promotions through their social media pages. Check for coupons, discounts, and extras. If you're on the fence about a few different accommodation options, some great perks might help you make your decision. Follow your top picks on social media for instant updates about new offers, and be sure to check those review sites to get insider information about benefits that may not be advertised. 

Bonus Tip: Win a Vacation!

Travel companies love using giveaways and contests to gain interest from consumers. Cruise lines, hotels, and resorts will occasionally run contests that have participants complete tasks as simple as posting a picture with a hashtag, pinning an image on Pinterest, or just writing a comment on a blog post for the chance to win. Look at social media and blogs for information about these promotions for the chance to win all, or part of, your vacation. While the odds may not be great, you never know if you might be the lucky winner.

Read Reviews 

Start by reading up more on countries from specific tourism sites for them. Once you've decided on a destination, use sites like Trip Advisor and Oyster to read up on hotel reviews and Yelp for restaurants. This way you'll have a plan of where to go and what to do before you land.

Travel blogs are a great way to read up firsthand experience of people who have actually been to the destination. They are an honest account of  the travellers experience and review of the destination along with nice untouched photographs.

With these simple and effective tips, we are sure you'll find the hotel accommodations of your dreams in a price point you can afford. Following even a few of these simple tips can help you save a bundle, and that just means there is more money available for your next exotic vacation.  

This article (Guest Post) has been submitted by the team at Gouverneur which is a chain of hotels in Quebec.


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