Asian Journey| Six days in Bangladesh

We are six (6) Social Development Practitioners who joined in this Exposure Training at ASA Bangladesh - Me, Joel, Jhed, Larry, Ms. Virgie and Ate Lucy.

Traveling for Social Objective

Since 2005, our institution is adapting ASA's microfinance systems and procedures. To be exposed to the actual operation of one of the largest Microfinance Institutions  in the world is a privilege and  a great learning experience.

"ASA has emerged as one of the largest and most efficient Microfinance Institution (MFI) in the world and has been working relentlessly to assist the poor since its inception in 1978. 
During its early years, ASA undertook various development programs like awareness building for social action, training local birth attendants, capacity building of journalists, etc. In the mid-80's it introduced new programs working in the sector of health and nutrition, education, sanitation, etc. It was at this stage that ASA introduced microcredit as a pilot project.
From its hands on experience in the field, and by evaluating the impact of development assistance, ASA realized that financial solvency, to a great extent, is what the poor need to bringing positive changes in their lives. In 1992, this paradigm shift led ASA to focus solely on microfinance as its tool in fighting poverty.
ASA wanted to evolve its operations to become self-reliant and move away from depending on donor funding and grants - ASA's Microfinance Model gradually transformed itself to become the globally renowned "ASA Cost–effective and Sustainable Microfinance Model."
Following this model, ASA became self-sustainable within a short span of time and the organization declared itself a "donor free MFI" in 2001.
This model, that has been practiced and perfected in the field by ASA, has proved effective in making a branch self-reliant within 12 months. Any MFI that adopts this model for operations becomes sustainable within the shortest possible time. It has been adopted by many MFIs around the world to get result within the shortest possible time.
As of December 2009, ASA has successfully extended its outreach in Bangladesh through 3,236 branches and its 24,021 staff work relentlessly to serve more than 5.50 million clients."   

TRAVEL TO BANGLADESH: Itinerary and Notes

August 20, 2010
2:00 PM : Departure at Ninoy Aquino International Airport | Singapore Airlines | Manila to Singapore to Bangladesh | Joel is my seatmate-57A, a window seat

Enjoyed the food served(pork in shanghai noddles) and take a shot of red wine "pampatulog"

Three and half hours travel time  from Manila to Singapore.
Stayed/Standby for almost 3 hours at Singapore-Changi International Airport waiting for connecting flight of Singapore Airlines going to Bangladesh.

8:00 PM : Boarding | Singapore to Bangladesh | More or less 4-hour travel.

I am using Singapore/Philippine Standard Time. Additional 2 hours if Bangladesh time.

August 21, 2013
12:05 AM : Arrived at Shahjalal International Airport in Bangladesh
12:30- 1:00 AM : Traveling from the airport going to Prince Hotel (our official residence for 6 days stay in Bangladesh) | More or less 30 minutes travel from the airport (no traffic)
1:15 AM : Checked in at Prince Hotel in Dhaka, Bangladesh| room 514 with Larry

9:30 AM : Meeting with ASA Assistant Director for International Affairs Mr. Nicholas De Costa and courtesy call with ASA President Md. Shafiqual Haque Choudhurry

I have a lot of  interesting stories to tell from first up to sixth day stay in Bangladesh. A lot of learning, immersions, and stories of adventures and misadventures. 

Dunno exactly when I am going to post the story (ies) of this Bangladesh trip but I'm pretty sure one of these days! 

Definitely, these are the subjects of my Bangladesh posts/articles:
1. Plum Fruit
2. Day and night market
3. Traffic(almost 7 hours at the streets of Dhaka)

4. Crowded market and streets

5. Thai fried rice | Curry Foods

6. My Samsung cellular phone was lost in the Hotel :(
7. The dairy farm and rice fields

8. Rick saw

9.  Buses and CNG powered motorcycles
10. Wild boars and dumpsite
11. Chimneys and Bricks factory

12. Sunset while leaving Bangladesh



  1. i've been living in singapore for 3 years now and as far as i've been hearing news about murders/ killings you know. I tried my hardest not to go in their country haha.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics. I don't get to see much pics of Bangladesh.

  3. thanks for the walk - through Bangladesh Jeffrey! this is good since it might still be awhile before I could reach this destination. that's the beauty of having a blog - it is online journal we can easily check for a walk down memory lane!

  4. I watched a scene of Amazing Race I think from last year's season where one leg is at Bangladesh. We will never know maybe someday I will be visiting this country too! ;) thanks for this post! ;)

  5. Bangladesh looks a lot like Pinas! Maybe I'd feel at home there. :)

  6. I like your last photo! The sunset in Bangladesh!

  7. I like your last photo! The sunset in Bangladesh!

  8. Thanks for sharing pics of Bangladesh, I only here its name being said often but haven't really seen much of it.:)

  9. Is that trip cheaper than India's? It may be interesting but not quite fascinating for a tour, could be an experience though! Lovely pictures of sunsst!

  10. Bangladesh is off the backpacker radar and that's what drives me to it. Might take a while though before we actually head there. How's food there?

  11. Its good that you got the opportunity to visit Bangladesh.. I'm actually not hearing any good about their country (sad).. but I am not closing my doors in visiting someday. :-)

  12. what an adventure. I'm not too sure if I would go to Bangladesh but it does look like a nice place.

  13. i agree with AJ, parang pinas lang din. layo din pala ng travel time.

  14. i will go here in the very far future when my daughter is all grown up. is it safe there?

  15. Really they have wild boars???
    And the ricksaw is their version of the pedicab probably..
    Nice trip with a nice goal to accomplish! :)

  16. Your Bangladesh experience was probably a very enriching one. And the ASA company is doing such a great cause. Kudos to that!

  17. thanks for the trip! pero grabe 7 hour traffic!!! over no?

  18. Bangladesh is one country I still need to tick off from my Bucket list. Sayang naman yun phone mo. how did you lose it?

  19. Sad for your phone that you lost in Bangladesh! I have this negative association on the place as dangerous. Now, I can see the other side too.

  20. thanks for sharing this... the experience and info about bangladesh. Yahweh bless.

  21. Truly a memorable trip!
    The place is not far different
    from our busy streets.
    Those photos just only show
    you really had FUN.
    Good that you also had a safe travel.

  22. Am interested with their food and marketplace, what's the best find you got there? :)

  23. A trip to remember. I was bothered with the 7 hour long traffic ...whew! And your cp being lost...

  24. surprisingly, bangladesh is interesting feature siya recently sa globe trekker.sana you will write more about it

  25. Looks really exciting. Nice photos! I'll sure travel here one of these days.

  26. wonderful beauty of Bangladesh,i like all picture specially dairy farm and rice fields picture, thanks a lot for sharing


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