Asian Journey| MySingapore Stopover

Travel notes and memoirs of my stopover in the bustling cosmopolitan city of Singapore (in August 2010).

August 26, 2010
6:00PM: Check-out (room 514) at Prince Hotel in Dhaka Bangladesh
6:30PM: We're on our way going to Dhaka International Airport - to avoid rush hour and the "unforgettable" traffic! 

Thanks to "a.k.a Paulito" for driving us going to the airport...

8:30 PM : We arrive at the airport.

11:00 PM : Boarded in Singapore Airlines! My assigned seat is 39K- away from Larry,Joel, Ate Lucy, Ate Virgie and Jed. I enjoyed watching the THE LAST AIRBENDER- courtesy of krisworld.

Chicken with Chinese herbs, vegetarian salad, and a glass of red wine for dinner
April 27, 2010
5:00 AM : We arrive in Changi-Singapore International Airport after the four-hour travel (Bangladesh is 2 hours ahead of time to Singapore)
5:20 AM : Boarded in a tourist van after claiming baggage and passing the "no hassle immigration interview" :)
7:00 AM : We checked- in at Royal Queens Hotel . I'm in room 1128 with Larry.

And then a sumptuous first time breakfast in Singapore and took a nap until 11:30 am...

NOON : Lunch at Royal @ Queen's Restaurant around - buffet means Lamon! hahaha

1:00 PM : We're waiting for our coaster for Sentosa Island tour! 

Passing in the famous "Marina Bay Sands Hotel"  while on our way to Sentosa Island.

A short stop-over at Singapore Flyer area while waiting on the bus that will take us to Sentosa Island. 

First destination? The cable car terminal going to Sentosa Island. Yep, excited, this is our first cable car ride hahaha.

"A former fishing village turned British military base, Sentosa was transformed into an idyllic island resort in 1972 for the enjoyment and recreation of everyone. To describe Sentosa as merely one thing or another would do no justice to the multiple facets of this island jewel half a kilometre south of Singapore. Afterall, it is the variety and versatility that make Sentosa (meaning peace and tranquillity) different and special for millions of visitors from all around the world. And unlike any other vacation destination, you are right on the fringe of the city's buzz, which is just minutes away by cable car, ferry or via a 710-metre road link." wiki

Watched "the dolphin show" and visited Singapore Ocean Park and Insect Sanctuary...

Experienced Sentosa Luge and Sky Ride.

A closer shot of the world highest amusement tower-"The Tiger Sky Tower"

Deeply understand Singapore's rich history and culture after more or less an hour of tour at The Images of Singapore Museum.

And of course, our Singapore experience wouldn't be complete without visiting the location of the famous "Merlion."

The Merlion was designed as an emblem for the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in 1964. The designer was Mr Fraser Brunner, a member of the souvenir committee and a curator of the Van Kleef Aquarium.The Merlion has a lion head and a fish body resting on a crest of waves. The lion head symbolises the legend of the rediscovery of Singapura, as recorded in the "Malay Annals". In ancient times, Singapore was known as Temasek, a Javanese word for sea.

8:00PM : We headed to Siloso Beach (via MRT) and watched The Songs of the Sea, a musical theater presentation.

"Songs of the Sea brings you a mesmerising show featuring pyrotechnics, water jets, brillant lasers, captivating music and other dramatic effects".

9:00PM : We're shopping souvenirs and pasalubong in Orchard Road Center. BTW, we had our dinner at Ming Restaurant- the best ang king prawns in butter, Thai Rice, steamed Lapu-Lapu, and veggies in oyster sauce!

11:00 to 11:30 PM: We walked from Orchard going back to the hotel. :)

April 28, 2010
Woke-up, took a bath, breakfast, and checked-out at Royal Queens Hotel...

At exactly 12:30 PM we're on our way to Changi-Singapore International Airport, going back to the Philippines with good memories of our stopover in Singapore. :)

The site that I used to find apartments to rent is Key Location Singapore. It's really cool for people that are new to Singapore as it has interactive condo map, and "search by commute time" feature.


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  1. I can relate as I have visited SG also. Very memorable, indeed. Worth each penny spent. Agree? LOL.

  2. Those beautiful pictures make me all the more to fly to Singapore right now. But my pocket says...wait...wait. So I'd have to say --- Singapore, wait till I get to you. Soon!

  3. havent' visited :( sana soon

  4. i feel you, bro... lol... we're actually posting the same topic... nice one. Yahweh bless.

  5. Another glimpse of Singapore. I think this is a sign for me to really get on that plane bound to Singapore. haha.

  6. SG!!! Yey! Nung Nasa Malaysia pa ako, everytime I want to visit SG sakay Lang ako ng bus pag Saturday then overnight ako dyan Wala lakad-lakad Lang Sarap dyan maggala you always feel safe. Thanks for this post, now I'm missing SG!! ;)

  7. Wow Dhaka! I'm curious about Bangladesh more cuz most Pinoys have been to SG but not BG (is that the abbreviation of Bangladesh? Just guessing...).

    Oh, and first time to see a photo of Marina Bay Sands up close like that. The buildings are curved pala. I've been to SG but just saw it from afar. Never noticed it that way. Cool!

  8. that building was really out of mind amazing

  9. You've got a very memorable Singapore tour. The way you narrate your travel experience in Singapore. I could imagine how beautiful, historical the place of Singapore is. Much so it is made alive by your vivid and candid pictures posted. Thanks.

  10. Oh SG, you're my dream vacation spot!
    Saw the pictures of my brother in Sentosa too, and this place is really unwinding. ;-) You have great and well organized pictures. It's fun reading your post bro!

  11. looks like you enjoyed your SG trip. the pics remind me so much of why i love SG and why I kept coming back.

  12. I love Singapore!! Pero hindi pa ako nakasakay sa cable car. haha! next time!

  13. singapore again wah! I love the largest ferris wheel parang MOA eye lang haha

  14. I have to go visit!!! I've been seeing a lot of beautiful photos, even my parents and bro went there already... I guess it's time!!!

  15. I have to go visit!!! I've been seeing a lot of beautiful photos, even my parents and bro went there already... I guess it's time!!!

  16. As in ang lupeeeet ng memory, Kabisado lahat ng sequence from Dhaka to Singapore.

    Never been outside the Philippines except from my dreams @,@, hehe...

    Hopefully maka RTW na rin ako, braaaaaggg.... hahaha.... in my dreams! LOL!

  17. looks great makes me want to visit those places again and take a picture of them as well. I love the building wooaahh architecture.. hahaha thanks for the share

  18. This looks like a fun trip!
    SG is one on my boormark for destinations abroad..
    I'm actually thinking of trying my luck to work here.. But I just sooo like working near my family.
    Sentosa is such a keeper as many would say.

  19. Singapore is a nice place to visit. Hope to visit someday.


  20. Thanks for virtually taking us to Singapore. The closest I could relate to this place is my last year's visit to Sentosa SG inspired Resort's World Manila.

    I'd still wish for a cable car experience though.I think that's awesome!

  21. WHOA! awesome design of the hotel. never seen that before.

  22. been to singapore once but wasn't able to explore the whole of sentosa. our next visit would be this november and hope to experience the night safari this time around

  23. Singapore is one of the best destination. Philippines is just an hour or two away.

  24. singapore! I miss this place.. Just had some singaporean food recently! Yum! :)

  25. Nakakainggit! I would love to visit Singapore one day. The mealbox served in the plane reminded me so much of what were served by Malaysia Airways during my flight to India last month.

  26. nice post po.. especially the pictures plus the way u teel the stories on ur trip to SG! I am looking forward for my own SG trip.. this year.. :)

  27. You make me miss Singapore! I wish our travel plans would push through that is if my neurosurgeon will let me travel at all. hays!

  28. Do you know how much budget is needed when going to SG? Trip for two.

  29. @techie i dunno the exact figures for 2 coz this trip was sponsored jejeje pero lam q qng gusto u makatipid just always check airlines' website palaging promo pag online purchase ang ticket,,, mga around 10-15k for 2 na yun pag promo,,, taz mas mura din hotel sa SG pag online basta advance booking din;)

  30. TOh Singapore, can't wait to see you :) hose beautiful pictures make me all the more to fly to Singapore right now. Singapore, wait till I get to you. Soon, hopefully :D

  31. I want o see the merlion..
    very meomrable indeed...

  32. Very informative post thanks for share this with us i highly appreciate you for this information thanks once again for sharing information like this Very informative post Thanks for sharing with you, I appreciate this information thank you again for sharing information like this!

  33. SG is such a nice tourist destination. Kulang 3-4 days para libutin lahat ng pwede puntahan. Dont miss the 9pm light show at MBS. Meron din mga free concert sa may Esplanade. :)

  34. Wow, I now want to go to Singapore. I know someone from the states that has been there for a few years now working in hotels.

  35. Nice Post.Very interesting article.It is very useful for us.
    Matt Levine

  36. hope to one day be able to visit Singapore
    greetings from your friend from Yogyakarta Indonesia

  37. suatu saat saya inging berkunjung ke siagapura

  38. you discover singapore very well and i love to visit there

  39. Hope you had a very fruitful trip in Singapore. :-)

  40. Thank you for visiting Singapore! If you ever visit us again, we recommend and bring you to more great and fun attractions on our island city-state. Cheers!


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