PhotoGallery | Marian Temple of Simala (Himala)

Monastery of the Holy Eucharist / Marian Temple 
Lindogon- Simala, Sibonga, Cebu Province
January 12, 2010

Why was the Marian Temple constructed?

“I am Stephen Abellaneda Aliponga or you can call me "steff" as my nick... I'm residing in Greenhills, Lindogon,Sibonga, Cebu, Phils- vicinity to Marian Monks....I didn't expect that my Brgy. or street will become prominent and pious in present because of our Heavenly Mother Mary, she keep make our Brgy. become holy...actually i heard out from the gossip before that there is an old man name "Enconeo" over 100 years of age,one of the native in Brgy. Lindogon, predicted that time will come Lindogon will become holy ......"a couple of years from now, there will be a lady,in white description, debonair will dwell in the solitude part of Lindogon that keep the entire place holy.....she will call people to visit her paradise and to worship her" Enconeo said.
Now, I am so grateful and glad that Mother Mary is here, I really believe that she is the only powerful lady in the whole world with Jesus Christ her holy son. Full of generosity & love, amiable, infallible.....she will protect and redeem the people of Lindogon, she will suppress disaster coming.....
thanks God......thanks a lot Jesus Christ and Mother Mary.....”
***original comment of S.A. Aliponga on

Inscription at the metal plate in the second gate going to the temple

“This crown structure is memorial of the victorious and powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary thru the Penitential Rosary Walk in 1998, against the killer epidemic that struck the place, where several lives of poor children and infants had died. Built to honor Mary on the 8th year anniversary of the Monks arrival in Lindogon.”

As of this writing, the temple is under renovation and extension to facilitate number of followers visiting daily.

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  1. Informative Post.

    Craving for more info: Is the Marian temple owned by a congregation (e.g. Dominicans, Salesians, Franciscans, etc.); In what title of Mary is the shrine being built?; Any written document regarding the "intercession of the Virgin Mary"?

    Thanks! Even if you cannot answer all. I'm glad I've found your page


  2. tnx for dropping-by CJM, sori 2 say but i dont know their congregation. The Shrine was known as The Monastery of the Holy Eucharist.The monastery/shrine was built for Mama Mary devotees and being managed by Marian Monks. inside the monastery may gallery dun ng ibat ibang version ng virgin mary kaya indi q ma specify qng anung title.. dami dn dung nakapost na published/written stories regarding miracles after visiting the shrine. most popular nga pla ay ung pagluha ng statue ni mama mary ...

  3. Been here once and all I can say that this place is really awesome. Being here is a memorable experience

  4. That structure (looking at its facade) looks more of a palace than a temple. Beautiful!


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