Travel Guide | Top Things to Do in Bukidnon Province

Bukidnon is known as both the watershed of Mindanao (six major rivers run through it) and the food basket of Mindanao (major rice and corn producer). Taste the sweetest pineapples and freshly-harvested fruits such as dragon fruits. You can get a beautiful view of the Del Monte pineapple plantations from Manolo Fortich (formerly Maluko). 

Things to do in Bukidnon Province

6 Things Everyone Must Do in Tasmania

Tasmanian residents often say that they live on an "island of inspiration." Simply because national parks and reserves occupy as much as 45 percents of the territory. Such numbers really mean something and suggest that in Tasmania you will always find what to do. For those who are not in the mood of flip through travel guides, today Travel Ticker team from the website where you can find the best hotel deals will tell about the best six things you should definitely do in Tasmania.