Negros Oriental | Beautiful Manjuyod Sandbar

With all the different amazing destinations found in the world, it is quite hard to choose where to go when planning for a vacation. But sometimes all you have to do is take a closer look instead of looking so far away. Just here in the Philippines, we have more than 7107 destinations you can choose from. One interesting place that would make you feel like you are in the beautiful Maldives is the Manjuyod White Sandbar in Negros Oriental.

Manjuyod Sandbar

The Manjuyod White Sandbar has a second name known amongst locals and travelers as the “Maldives of the Philippines”. Based on jurisdiction, the white sand bar is actually in Manjuyod town but based on proximity and reputation it is usually linked to Bais City.

Manjuyod Sandbar

This divine abode seems like a thousand miles away from the cities, cars, noise, etc. Other than its uniquely colored sand, you would also enjoy the warm breeze that is perfect for swimming and the sight of swimming dolphins. There are also wooden houses that were constructed on stilts. And when it’s high tide, it would seem like these wooden houses are just floating on the sea. If you want to enjoy the scenery longer than a day trip tour can give you, the wooden houses can be rented.

Manjuyod Sandbar

Manjuyod Sandbar

Manjuyod Sandbar

Manjuyod Sandbar

Manjuyod Sandbar

Manjuyod Sandbar

Manjuyod Sandbar
Stars! A sign of good marine environment

thousands of colorful crabs and clams are usual sightings in the northern part of the sandbar

Manjuyod Sandbar
#Hugot101:  "Yung feeling mo na naibigay mo ang lahat pero hindi pala; yung feeling mo tumalon ka pero taas-kamay lang pala!"

Manjuyod Sandbar

Food will also not be a problem here. You can buy from the Bais Market or some fishermen selling freshly caught seafood by the bay.

Food Suggestions
  • Oysters or also known as talaba, usualy sold at the Bais Market and sometimes fresh from the sea (in the area) by local fishermen 
  • Freshly caught scallops and sea urchins from fishermen (These are sold quite cheap for the amount given. So the purchase is really worth it)
  • Halaan soup and tuwa (fish stew)
  • Grilled pusit and kinilaw na Tanigue
  • Lukot salad
And a food you can take home from this place would be their Ginamos. It is quite similar to bagoong. It also uses fermented fish but with a Visayan twist that makes it different from bagoong.

Manjuyod Sandbar
oysters fresh from the sea

Manjuyod Sandbar
Opps! I just hold it for less than 20 seconds and returned it to the sea :)


From Manila, you book a flight to Dumaguete via Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific. This will be around an hour flight.
  • Upon your arrival, ride a Ceres Liner Bus in Barangay Calindagan going to Bais City
  • In Bais City,  ride a tricycle going to Canibol Wharf or Capiñahan Wharf
  • In the wharf’s you can find fishermen with boats that will take you to Manjuyod White Sand Bar (15-20 minute boat ride) 

Rate starts at Php2500 (for Manjuyod Sandbar only); and additional Php1000 to Php1500 if you will also do dolphin watching.

You can either enjoy swimming and snorkeling in Manjuyod, and staying overnight at the wooden cottage or just take a day trip and stay at resort after. Either of the choices will give you a long lasting satisfied feeling and experience. 

Plan your summer vacation here and enjoy the sand between your toes.

Personal Notes : I would like to say thank you to the kind friends in Bais City - Tina (and her husband), Edz, Mon, Ward, Gra, and Fel for joining me in this adventure. Next na ang Dolphin watching!



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  1. I am no fan of platitudes and has never been to Maldives so I couldn't tell if "Maldives of the Philippines" is appropriate. But there is one thing that I am sure about; Manjuyod sandbar is one exceptional beauty.

  2. It looks amazing. That Lukot salad is interesting to try. Are foods in their wet market affordable / budget friendly?



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