Negros Oriental | Niludhan Falls of Bayawan City

With all the 7107 islands here in the Philippines, there are places that are surely still bound to be undiscovered or not within the radar of most travelers. There are a lot of hidden treasures and hidden gems found here in the Philippines. And one is found in Barangay Dawis in Bayawan City, Negros Oriental.

Niludhan Falls

Niludhan falls is the pride and joy of Negros Oriental. It is a natural attraction that has yet to be explored by most. This waterfalls is hidden deep within the city’s forests and sugarcane plantations. 

Despite the different projects created to make it more accessible, Niludhan falls is still quite a long travel. But it’s actually the best part about it. It leads you so far from the urbanized city, making you feel like you are one with nature.

The waterfalls is around 25 meters wide and has a 40 meter vertical drop that builds this beautiful curtain of water. Although, in summer the water sometimes becomes very few but it still does look amazing. The plants around the area are also magnificent. The white color of the falls, the green color of the plants, and the blue color of the sky makes every angle of any picture a perfect shot.

Niludhan Falls in Negros Oriental

There’s a quote that says “The best things in life are free.” And Niludhan falls is a proof of that. Yes, you heard it right. There is no entrance fee for this falls. However, even if it does not have any payment, there are actually tables and seats, and even a washing area, that has been built to accommodate travelers and locals who plan to enjoy to visit.

Since the local government wants to preserve its natural beauty, no stores can be found close by. So, we advice that you prepare and bring your own food and drinks. But remember that you must NOT LITTER. It is important to keep this sanctuary, a clean sanctuary.

Niludhan Falls in Negros Oriental


There are flights that can be booked headed to Dumaguete City. Once you are there, you can choose which one of the routes below you would like to take.

Dumaguete – Bayawan Route. Ride a Ceres bus near Robinson's Place mall headed to Bayawan City. This is approximately a 2-3 hour ride. From there, ride a bus to Mabinay. Then tell the driver/conductor you will go down at Niludhan Falls. The walk to the falls from the main road isn’t long.

Dumaguete – Mabinay Route. Ride a Ceres bus bound to Mabinay and go down at Paniabonan Junction. This is also around 2-3 hours. From there, you have the choice of either riding another bus that passes Niludhan falls.

Other Option : 
From Paniabonan Junction, you can ride a motorcycle (habal-habal ride) It will take you straight to Niludhan falls also. 

  • Leave early so that you have a lot of time to spend in Niludhan falls
  • Wear proper footwear that is fit for walking and slippery roads.

Plan your next vacation and include Niludhan Falls in your itinerary!



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  1. I love waterfalls and it really looks majestic and the water coming from the falls looks so clear.

  2. At very accessible yan. Thank for dropping here bro! :)

  3. Ang ganda! I hope I'll be able to visit this place.


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