Laguna | San Sebastian Parish Church of Lumban

Popularly known as the Lumban Church, the San Sebastian Parish Church is a great spot to visit in the town of Lumban in Laguna. It is known as the first stone church in Laguna and the first tabernacle outside Manila.

Lumban Church

It is also known as the largest stone church in the province.

Even before it was built into a stone church, the sanctuary was also a house of prayer; though it was at first made of light materials: wood and thatch. Fire destroyed the building sometime in 1586. Instead of rebuilding a thatched church, the stone church was erected. It was finished and commission in 1600, though its construction began almost immediately after the fire destroyed the older structure.

In 1880, the church was seriously damaged by strong earthquakes but was again rebuilt by the faithful.

Lumban Church

Like most churches, the Lumban church features a belfry set right on the side of the church. Its beautiful façade and interiors make this cathedral a nice place to visit. Every tourist who visits the place could really admire this cathedral’s beauty.

The stones of this lovely church remind of the Intramuros but the peach hues of its façade makes it a unique landmark to spot in the town.

Lumban Church

Lumban Church

Set in front of this grand church is a beautiful altar filled with holy symbols and the images of several saints. This holy sanctuary feels like a great place to take refuge in, while you are having a troubled mind or simply to commune with God and feel renewed.

The brown paneled ceiling contrasts the white walls in a nice manner while gold columns and frames adorn the altars and walls. There are also well-spaced chandeliers that seem to bring you back in time.

Lumban Church

Truly a sacred place to visit, this stunning church features plenty of angels adorned in different colors and clothing, with some also made of gold.

This church features several saints and angels yet the town holds a feast for Saint Sebastian Martyr, the patron saint they chose beginning in the 18th century.

Lumban Church

Lumban Church
The church's belfry

Lumban Church

It would be great to take a walking tour of this lovely church because it is set along the banks of the Lumban River, making the setting a picturesque spot for a leisurely walk.

This church building is a Roman Catholic edifice but it is a grand landmark of the town that tourists visit, Catholics and non-Catholics alike.


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  1. These church makes us stress less when we go inside of it. So in mid of travel you feel tired or exhaust you must go in church.


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