Morion's PhotoTravel Diaries: The 300 years Old Church of Dalaguete and Utanon Festival

Utanon Festival is a yearly event in Dalaguete, Cebu honoring Patron Saint, San Guillermo de Aquitana.The festival is a celebration of good harvest through native dance and music. Aside from being tagged as the Music Capital of the Island, the town was also known as the Vegetable Basket of Cebu. Utanon comes from the Visayan word Utan which means Gulay(tagalog) or Vegetable (English).
Usually held every 9th and 10th day of February, 2011's Utanon Festival was extended up to 11th and 12th as the town also celebrates the 300 years founding anniversary of Dalaguete Church. Written in the history, the church was built in 1771, the year the town and parish were founded. The Church was declared as National Historical Landmark on 2004.
The name of the Town (Dalaguete) was derived from a tree which grew abundantly in the area- the Balete tree, in Cebuano, “Dalakit.”

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  1. havent been to this part of cebu yet. beautiful to have a festival captured with the church as its background.


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