Negros Oriental | Mabinay Spring and the Millennium Balete Tree of Canlaon

There are tons of place to go here in the Philippines that give you a perfect summer vacation. However, why not try to stir away to the common or usually travelled to places in the country, and visit someplace else that is equally or even more breathtaking than your typical Boracay or Palawan trip.

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La Union | Visiting the Grape Farms of Bauang

La Union is now one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. During summer, La Union is filled with tons of people; most of whom are excited to go surfing. But aside from surfing, this province has much more to offer than what most people think. The places are beautiful enough to even entice tourists – both local and international visitors. Additionally, another reason to visit La Union is because of their grape farms. 

Grapes Farm in Bauang, La Union

Six Reasons Why Traveling Alone is Interesting and Exciting

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