Travel Diaries| Dahilayan Forest and Adventure Park in Bukidnon

Dahilayan Forest and Adventure Park in Bukidnon is one the country’s most promising outdoor destinations, featuring a wide range of exciting activities for all ages.


List of Philippine Festivals

All across the Philippines, fun-loving Filipinos celebrate a host of festivals for various reasons. The following are some of the most famous celebrations.

finalPhilippine festival

Travel Diaries| Katibawasan Falls of Camiguin

Katibawasan Falls is one of Camiguin Island's gems. It measures 250 feet which cascades to a natural rock pool with green and ice cold water surrounded by local species of trees, orchids, and wild ferns.

Katibawasan Falls

Cruising is the new Backpacking

Discussions about Asian travel often center on that fashionable receptacle, the backpack. The notion of slinging out material troubles and travelling with room for nothing but experience is all well and good. But there’s also freedom in not having to hand-wash your underwear every 48 hours. It’s time to embrace new ways of travelling Asia, and in 2014, cruises are the way to go. With the largest continent on Earth so many extraordinary destinations lie scattered across the seas, just waiting for exploration. A cruise negates transfers, stopovers, and having to find your way back to your hotel room, meaning the real adventure can begin…

Manila Bay

Luxury Escapes with Costa Cruises

Oozing Italian style and a swanky onboard lifestyle, Costa Cruises certainly know how to ramp up the luxury factor when it comes to cruise holidays. Their ships are renowned for their bright, modern decor and casual luxury, which extends from everything from the sumptuous dining rooms and gleaming decks to the fantastic range of leisure facilities.


Traveling Morion's AirAsia Zest Destination Wish List

Wish list? Yes I have! I began listing my dream destinations in the country (and abroad) the time I also started this advocacy of promoting 7107 islands through sharing of photographs and travel stories. In this age of “teki” gadgets, I am still using the old skul type of “notebooks and journals”. Attached in the said journal is a map I bought in a bookstore 2 years ago - with marks and notes to indicate whether I already visited/explored a certain province/destination. 


Marinduque Series | Poctoy White Beach

I had the chance to visit my hometown and take a break from busy work plus travels. It took me two years to have this great time - a long vacation in the place where I truly belong, a place that will forever be called my “home”.

Poctoy White Beach in Torrijos

Luxury in Mauritius: The Oberoi Resort

Located just off the coast of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a hot spot for exotic sun-worshipers who want to enjoy a little slice of paradise as part of their holiday. Who can blame them either? With UK weather leaving a lot to be desired and some short haul destinations being overcrowded with tourists, it’s no wonder these lesser known, luxury spots are popular with holidaymakers. Whether it’s a honeymoon or special occasion that brings you here, or you just want to give your family or loved ones the chance to enjoy some once-in-a-lifetime experiences, you know that you’ll be in for a treat.

If you want to do your Mauritian trip in style, head for the Oberoi Mauritius which provides all-out, 5 star  luxury at every turn. The resort can be found within 20acres of lush gardens, overlooking Turtle Bay – a must-see beach on the North West coast of the island.

Travel NOTES | Camiguin Travel Guide

The island of Camiguin is a beautiful place set in Mindanao, surrounded by Bohol Sea. The whole island is also a province; the country’s second smallest both in land area and population. This pearl-shaped island got its name from “Kamagong”. It is not abundant in the area but close to Lake Mainit in Surigao del Norte from where the earliest settlers came. The settlers gave the island this name.


List of Philippine Holidays in 2014

The MalacaƱang has officially released the list of official holidays in 2014 last Monday. This is surely a joy to many of us who love to travel and have a great time exploring the country! We could now plan our trips around long weekends and holidays plus avail of great discounts from tour packages and airline tickets by virtue of booking much earlier. Why, you could plan for that Christmas holiday or a November getaway 1 whole year in advance! How cool is that?

philippine holidays