GUEST POST| Fuerteventura Cultural Heritage Explored

When it comes to living on the spectacular island of Fuerteventura, it’s the architecture of the buildings that provide the biggest insight into the way of life, as well as the culture, of the island’s former people. From dwelling structures to religious building, there are many different types of architecture on the island, and some of the designs remain exclusive to this small part of the world.

Morion’s PhotoTravel Diaries| The Floating Village of Day-Asan


The Day-asan Floating Village is a unique rural community in Surigao City (the capital city of Surigao del Norte) consisting of houses on wooden stilts and coral rocks in clear water surrounded by mangrove forest. Interestingly, because of the similar features/nature the humble village got its tag as the “little Venice of Surigao City”. Less than 30 minutes and or seven kilometers away from the city proper of Surigao, the village can be reached by land or sea transportation. Instead of usual roads, getting into other houses is possible by walking and passing in narrow wooden bridges or waterways in between- plied by small banca or river boats called “baruto”.