MassKara Festival 2022 Schedule of Events and Activities, History and Travel Guide

The annual Masskara Festival takes place in October in Bacolod, Philippines. It is a well-known festival that is exceptionally vibrant. The title is derived from the words "mass," which means crowd, and "cara," which means face, and implies "many faces." Bacolod City acquired the title "The City of Smiles" as a result of the performers' wearing colorful and cheery masks.

Masskara Festival 2022


In the 1980s, Bacolod became well-known for its sugar production, even exporting it to other countries like the United States. However, due to the availability of less expensive alternatives like corn syrup, commonly known as fructose, worldwide merchants ceased importing. Due to the fact that growing and manufacturing sugar cane was the sole source of income for the locals at the time, this led to a financial crisis. Famine resulted from the financial crisis and economic distress.

During the same period as the financial crisis and the economic downturn, a second tragic incident happened. The MV Don Juan, popularly known as a floating island of luxury, collided with the MT Tacloban oil tanker on April 22, 1980, as it was returning to Bacolod City from Manila. The Don Juan was entirely engulfed by the sea in less than 20 minutes. 176 individuals died in this disaster, and a number of people are still missing.

The MassKara Festival was created by the Negrenses, a cultural group from Negros Occidental, to portray Bacolod as the City of Smiles in spite of hardship.

2022 Schedule of Activities and Highlights

The event resumes after a two-year hiatus imposed on by the pandemic. The festival lasts the entire month of October, with one of the biggest parades in town on October 23rd, 2022, serving as its climax. Be aware that some events may be altered at any time without notice.

MassKara Queen Pageant, Mr. Bacolod bodybuilding and fitness competition, hip-hop dance challenge, drag festival, BMX riding contest, DJ battle, auto convention, and chess and sports tournaments are a few of the preliminary events for the festival.

  • First Mayor Albee Benitez Football Cup - October 1 & 2, 2022.
  • BMX Contest for Riders and Enthusiasts at the Bacolod Bay Center - October 7, 2022.
  • MassKara Hip Hop Dance Challenge at Bacolod Government Center - October 7 to 8, 2022.
  • First Mayor Albee Benitez MassKara Cup Drag Fest - October 7 to 9, 2022.
  • Mr. Bacolod 2022 at the Central Halls 1 & 2 Ayala Malls Capitol Central - October 11, 2022.
  • MassKara Auto Convention” at SMX Bacolod - October 14, 2022.
  • Bacolod KPop Night - October 15, 2022.
  • First Mayor Albee Benitez MassKara Circuit Race and Motor Show at the Upper East Megaworld - October 15 to 16, 2022.

Reminders/Tips (+covid 19 protocols etc)

To make sure that your vacation runs smoothly, always remember to plan ahead, reserve your hotel, organize your itinerary, and pack your luggage. 

If you plan to use the public transportation system, be sure to bring "barya," or spare change, and keep in mind to wear loose-fitting clothing and comfortable shoes. The Philippines is known for its hot, sunny weather, so dress in light, breathable clothing. However, you should also pack an umbrella and keep an eye on the weather in Bacolod.

If an event is scheduled to start at a specific time, arrive early to ensure you have the best possible view and experience. Always keep in mind to pack an extra face mask, alcohol, and your vaccination card because certain shops and restaurants require you to show your vaccination card before you are allowed inside.

Where to Eat and Other Interesting Activities 

Without enjoying the local chicken inasal, your journey to Bacolod would be incomplete. This delectable delicacy was offered everywhere from small food stands to fine dining establishments all offered this delectable delicacy.

Bacolod is famous for its festival, but it also has other attractions, including the ruins of Mario Lacson's mansion, the Campuestohan Highland Resort, the heritage homes in Silay City, old churches, and more.

How to Get There

You can fly to Bacolod on the airline of your choice, such as Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific Air. It would be better to choose Philippine Airlines if you are currently staying in Manila, Clark, or Cebu. However, if you are currently staying in Manila or Davao, choose Cebu Pacific Airlines. 

You can take a van or a shuttle from the Bacolod-Silay Airport to the city center of Bacolod. From there, you may easily get to your hotel from the taxi station near the shuttle service's stop in SM City Bacolod. The fare typically costs 150 pesos.

The second option is a taxi service, which is more expensive but unquestionably more convenient because it allows you to get to your hotel straight away. However, the fee may reach 500 pesos. 

You can also take a tricycle or a jeepney, but this is only advised if you've already checked into your hotel and want to explore the city for the day. However, if you're traveling from the airport, this could be a nuisance because jeepneys and tricycles are frequently crowded, either because of limited room or a truckload of passengers.


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