Top Things to Do in Orlando, Florida

Orlando is best known for Disney World and Universal Studios but aside from these renowned theme parks, there are more than a hundred things to do in the city including aquatic experiences, which explains the popularity of boat rides. Over 60 million tourists visit Orlando each year, given that the city is recognized for its delectable cuisine and superb restaurants. Due to its warm climate, shopping centers, and stunning nighttime scenery, Orlando should undoubtedly be at the top of your list of vacation destinations.

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Clear Kayaking through Silver Springs

Kayaking around Silver Springs is undoubtedly the place for you if you want to have a serene atmosphere and let the sound of the river comfort you. Experience the most spectacular view in central Florida while paddling through crystal-clear water. With your guide, you'll get to experience the full benefits of clear kayaking while on a tour of Spring State Park. The fact that this activity is solely reserved for small groups of individuals ensures that your guide will be able to provide hands-on training and assistance. Additionally, you can take repeated tours of the area to get the most out of this experience.
Silver Springs is a simple day trip, and your guide will be there to assist you while you kayak your way around. Your tour guide will also take you to the spots where Hollywood films like James Dean's Rebel Without a Cause and the James Bond blockbuster Moonraker were filmed. Additionally, by viewing diverse wildlife species in their native habitats, you get to experience a zoo-like trip.

Helicopter Tour over Orlando’s Theme Parks

Orlando is widely recognized for its theme parks, so if you don't go, your trip will be incomplete. With this tour, you can fly above one theme park after another and enjoy the scenery from above some of the world's most well-known amusement parks. This grand but unique approach allows you to view all four of Orlando's world-famous theme parks at once, making it ideal for last-minute vacations. Find out more about the areas where well-known theme parks like SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and Disney World are set. As you explore, you'll also get to take pictures of breathtaking scenes.

Since the helicopter can only accommodate three people, it's also perfect for small groups. Additionally, it's a private helicopter flight, so you and your loved ones can enjoy the breathtaking view.

Sightseeing Day Trip with Transportation

A vacation isn't really complete without visiting the places that Orlando is best known for. By reserving a cheap yet high-quality rental car, you can take your time and discover Florida's beauties without the burden of using the public transportation system. You can take your time to enjoy the clear skies and surrounding beauty by renting a car. Additionally, by exploring at your own leisure, you can discover countless options for family entertainment, attractions, aviation, arts & culture, fishing, boating & lake activities, and shopping all at once.

Btw, you may comfortably do sightseeing trip by booking the cheapest car rental in Orlando! Additionally, since you won't have to worry about maintenance fees and other costs, you'll have more freedom to explore these places, which also makes it more affordable.

Sunny Beach Day Trip at Clearwater Beach

Imagine that you feel warm, soft sand underneath your toes and the sound of the waves accompanied by a gentle ocean breeze. If you think this would make the perfect day trip, Clearwater Beach is ready and waiting. Florida's pleasant weather allows you to have a relaxed vacation where you can do as many activities as you want or just lounge on the beach. 

You could also go deep-sea fishing or take a speedboat trip if you're feeling adventurous. Additionally, you can utilize bodyboards on the beach and go snorkeling. If you want to relax and unwind, sit back and take in the lovely scenery from the café or relax by renting beach umbrellas. To really appreciate the stunning sunset, we advise staying as late as possible.

Swim and Play at Discovery Cove

At Discovery Cove, an all-inclusive day resort, you and your family can take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime chance to snorkel with tens of thousands of tropical fish and rays, swim with dolphins, hand-feed exotic birds, and relax on pristine beaches. You may manage your experience at your own pace because there are no queues anywhere in the park.

Additionally, you'll have access to amenities like towels, snorkeling equipment, and more, which can enhance your experience and make it more enjoyable. There are also a number of activities available here, allowing you to conclude your time at Discovery Cove with unique aquatic experience.

There are a ton more activities available in Orlando. It would take more than a hundred days to experience the full wonders of Orlando. Therefore, don't miss out and book a plane ticket to take a vacation. You can never go wrong with car rental in Orlando airport if you have no idea where to begin. You'll have a car waiting for you when you arrive in Florida, so you may explore the state at your own speed. 


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