What Is The Best Country To Visit For Live Tennis?

There are arguments in favour of many countries as being the best to visit for live tennis. Britain has Wimbledon, France, the USA and Australia all have Opens while the Olympics and other competitions move around. Here are a few suggestions about the best countries to visit for live tennis and why.


France is a country long known for its fantastic live tennis. With matches played on clay courts the French Open is known the world over, and France will also play host to the Summer Games in Paris in 2024. Further, France boasts some of the greatest players of all time and has a wonderful culture that enjoys watching and playing tennis. You can also take a break from the sport to soak up the ambience of one of the most beautiful cities in the world making Paris well worth a visit.


Hosting the Australian Open each year in January, Australia is another country known for its love of tennis and live games that are certainly noteworthy. Played on a hard-court surface, the Australian Open is the largest annual sporting event in the Southern Hemisphere (and therefore a must visit) for any tennis fan if they have the opportunity.


Home to Wimbledon, what else really needs to be said about Britain? Widely considered the top tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon dates back to 1877 where it was played on grass courts as it still is today. Seeing a match at Centre Court surely tops the bucket list of any tennis fan worth their salt, and with strawberries and cream and a large glass of Pimms, Wimbledon is also known for its traditions on and off the court. 


Rounding out the four Grand Slam countries, the USA is definitely a contender for best country to visit for live tennis. Hosting not only the US Open in New York but the BNP Paribas Open in California, the US is again a country known for showing and playing incredible tennis. With a long list of tennis Champions and many fantastic courts to choose from, the USA is a key stop on any tennis tour of the best spots.


A bit of a newcomer to the sport, at least when it comes to being thought of globally in a list like this, China is fast becoming known for its excellent tennis. Hosting the WTA Finals until 2028 we will certainly be seeing more of this country’s tennis games and watching along with millions of others as they enjoy the sport.

There are many other countries that love, play and host great live tennis, and even more that enjoy playing games at every level. The Czech Republic is supposedly tennis crazy, with courts in every park and accessible to all. Germany has a huge amount of registered tennis players and of course the Olympics changes hands every four years allowing new countries to play host to some of the best live tennis in the world. With so many great options out there, why choose? Whether you are partial to the occasional tennis bet or you’ve always dreamt of a world-tennis tour, hitting up as many of these countries as possible would be high on your list of things to do, with the Grand Slam four as the top priority for most.


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