Bohol | The not so famous Kawasan Falls of Trinidad

There are many famous destinations in Bohol that have been under the radar of many travelers, but recently another destination has now been added on that list. Hidden between the wide and massive forests between two towns in Bohol, Trinidad and San Miguel, lays a beautiful treasure that is way beyond your expectations. Kawasan Falls is one of the gems in the province that is now being promoted by the local government as well as a way to improve ecotourism in the province.

Kawasan Falls in Trinidad, Bohol

Located in Barangay San Isidro, Trinidad Bohol, Kawasan Falls is a breathtaking waterfall that has a 20 meter high drop in the middle of deep green forest, giving a refreshing sight for those who hike, camp, or travel in the forest. The beautiful and clear cascading water from the falls gives a perfect contrast to the green color from the plants surrounding the waterfalls.

At the bottom of the falls is a small pool that leads to a creek emphasized by huge and wide boulders, similar to pebbles that are found to be distributed along the area. At its side, the abundance of vegetation is easily noticeable. There are tall trees that have a deep green color with broad shaped leaves. The overall look of the waterfall gives it a mysterious feel which has actually added to one of the reasons why visitors and locals find it very inviting.

Kawasan Falls in Trinidad, Bohol
The water is little murky during our visit due to heavy rains the past few days

For those looking to see things from a bit of height, there is cliff near one of the pool’s edge that can already be considered quite a challenge even by regular rock climbers.

Kawasan Falls in Trinidad, Bohol

The local government in the area had a goal to make Kawasan Falls a traveler-friendly destination which actually resulted to having the entrance fee to the falls at a very cheap price. And because of its cheap price, Kawasan Falls has now become a destination for families, friends, and companies, who wish to have an affordable but wonderful outing. There is also a viewing deck created for those who just wish to go to the falls to relax and listen to the water flow and the trees sway. Other than its cheap entrance fee, there are now concrete steps and improved roads established so that access to Kawasan Falls would be easier for any nature lover that would want to see the beauty of the waterfalls.

Kawasan Falls in Trinidad, Bohol

There are visitors who travel around the forest first before they take a dip in the falls. The falls is the perfect way to refresh yourself after all that walking. The splashing water can be a good alternative to getting yourself a full body massage. You get to see a spectacular falls and get a massage as well for such a cheap price.

Kawasan Falls is quite far from the city, making it the destination for people who feel the need and want to have that time away from the noisy, crowded, and busy city.

Kawasan Falls in Trinidad, Bohol

Kawasan Falls in Trinidad, Bohol

Incredible travel trips do not have to be expensive; you just have to learn to look a bit deeper. Include Kawasan Falls in your itinerary during your Bohol trip!


Fly to Tagbilaran from Manila or a fastcraft ride from (different neighboring provinces in Visayas) Cebu City or Dumaguete City or Siquijor or Southern Leyte (Ubay Port).

From Tagbilaran City, ride in a bus or van routing Trinidad. From Trinidad town proper, hire a habal-habal that will take you to the actual location of Kawasan Falls in Trinidad. No trekking required, just a short walk to the viewing deck. Enjoy the amazing view!

There are also regular trips of fastcraft/RORO from Cebu City directly plying to Talibon Port, the closest port. Trinidad is more or less 30 minutes ride from Talibon.



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