Planning a European Vacation This Summer? Places You Must Visit

For many people travelling Europe and visiting places is the dream of a lifetime. So in case you have any plans to visit the land of historic beauty, here is a list of places you must visit on your trip.


Bordeaux is a cosmopolitan city which has something new and exciting every time for a traveler. If you are the kind of the person interested to know about the French culture, this is an ideal place to visit. You will be able to enjoy the wine as well as French lifestyle. The place has been listed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 2007.
The city is located on the banks of River Garonne and has thickest pine forest in Europe. You can even get to visit the Arcachon Bay which is situated at a distance of 45 minutes. Here you will be able to enjoy a good time on the beach, while savouring on seafood. You can make use of promo codes from Dealslands to find better deals on accommodation and transportation at Bordeaux.  


Lisbon enjoys a long summer season for almost six months. It is a Portuguese capital and is a beautiful city with stunning architecture. If you are the kind of the person who loves night life, it is ideal place for you. There are a number of cafes where you can hang out and meet locals. If you are looking for a calm vacation, just enjoy the food and spend a good time at the spa pampering yourself.


When we talk about the western civilization, Athens is the oldest city of Greece. A number of rulers have come and gone here leaving behind their footprints in the form of a number of historic monuments for the people. If you happen to visit the city you will feel to be in a city with a mixture of ancient and modern architecture.


The city can be called as an ideal place for scenic locations. The deep blue Mediterranean sea along with honey-coloured stone buildings altogether makes an amazing backdrop. It is the right place for the travellers looking for the beauty of Europe. If you are planning to visit the place, you can easily plan your trip by making use of travel related stores at Dealslands. You are sure to find budget-friendly deals here.  


When we say ‘Riga’ the first thing that comes to the mind is majestic architectural buildings with the backdrop of clear blue sky. You will nowhere else find such beautiful ornate buildings on the earth. No doubt with all this heritage, it is a modern city and a traveller will find lot to do at this place.


It is a beautiful land with a lot in store for travellers. Here you can visit museums, theatres, music shows, art exhibitions, sports events, and much more. The city has a number of parks and the pedestrian area mainly composes of a number of cafes. So you can always indulge in a cup of hot coffee when you are tired of walking around.

These are the places which you can start with. The rest is up to you. If you are planning a long trip, you can keep on adding the places to your list or just spend some more days in these amazing lands. So pack your bags and have a happy holiday in Europe. 

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