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Are you looking for the best-tasting coffee in Iloilo City? Then, you should head to the La Paz Public Market for a cup at Madge Cafe. The coffee shop is so famous in the area that you need not know its exact location. Just ask the cab driver to drop you off at the market and ask directions from anyone there.

Madge Cafe

So, what makes Madge Cafe special? Well, it was not quite as I expected. But then, a famous coffee shop shouldn't be located in the market, right? Wrong, of course. We’re talking here of a cafe whose origins date back at least 70 years ago.

Who is Madge, anyway? Well, it’s not the lady at the counter who will mix your drinks. The “Madge” in the café’s name was Margarita, the wife of the founder, Vicente. It was Mang Vicente who created the recipe and set up the famous shop.

Madge Cafe

The ambiance is no match to the high-end coffee shops in the city but the friendly, welcoming atmosphere makes it a truly unique place to hang out – and a hangout it is! At any given day, it is said that the coffee shop is bustling with people from all walks of life: teachers, government employees, students, market vendors, market shoppers, or tourists who are drawn to the coffee shop’s now-famous coffee.

Madge Cafe
Mr. Peter dela Cruz, third generation owner of Madge Cafe while preparing coffee drinks for #BlogtheCityofLove participants

The cafe serves its own brew, made from delicious and aromatic native Arabica coffee beans harvested north of Iloilo. Even non-coffee drinks would be tempted to try their delicious coffee, which are prepared barista-style at the counter, right before your eyes.

The freshly brewed coffee from Madge Cafe comes in light, regular, and strong variations. A cup of their coffee is perfect to drink while digging into a plate of native goodies, toasted bread, or tasty treats also offered in the shop.

Madge Cafe
coffee and chocolate drinks are prepared and served in traditional way

Madge Cafe
coffee and chocolate drinks are best paired with suman and puto 

Madge Cafe by
photograph by: Sinjin Pineda of

Would you believe a cup of this famous coffee just costs P25? Yep. That’s right. This delicious brew is so affordable – no wonder people hereabouts love Madge Café. If you want proof of the cafe’s popularity as hangout? Just look at the walls lined with personalized mugs. Those are the mugs of regular clients. It goes to show this quaint little coffee shop is an extension of many people’s kitchen. Truly a nice place to hang out when you're in the City of Love.

Madge Cafe
Address:Rizal St, Iloilo City
Facebook Page: Madge Cafe


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  1. You know what my best memory of Madge is? It's running back to it afterwards to get the phone and charger I'd forgotten there. Good thing the waiters just let it be hahaha

    1. hahaha I remember that moment with takbo scene hahaha :) nice to meet u Aleah :)

  2. Hahaha. You should blame the one you thought could remind you but also forgot hahahaha

  3. Sarap naman, miss ko na yang malagkit!

  4. Wow! I wanna visit this place someday! Sana may ganito rin sa Davao :)

  5. Seems delicious. Choco + suman and Puto, that's a great to feast on.

  6. Perfectly brewed coffee with suman or puto, perfect combination, and the price is quite affordable!

  7. Kung ang non coffee drinker nga eh matetempt pano pa kaya mga katulad kong adik sa kape? I would like to taste the coffee kaso ang layo samin.


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