Baguio Food Tour 2014 | The Trip, The Tour and the Bloggers

I breathed the coolest air of the City of Pines – for the first time! Yeah, I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the participants in the annual Baguio Food Tour.


The Trip

Fresh from work/series of meetings in San Pablo, Laguna, I rushed to Victory Bus Terminal along Edsa, Cubao. Too excited, I forgot to bring my  “waiver” signed by supportive wifey lols- just kidding!

Yohooo! I arrived at the bus terminal one hour ahead of the 11:20 pm scheduled trip to Baguio.  A totally busy day and coming from Laguna, I got the 11:20 pm schedule. Same with the chosen schedule of Billy- my co-participant in this tour "slash" kababayan from Marinduque. No hassle in claiming our passes at the dispatcher’s office! Billy then came 20 minutes before the boarding time. Yeah, thanks to Victory Lines for supporting Baguio Food Tour 2014.

The 6-hour straight, zigzag road travel to Baguio simply means I am 10% awake during stop-overs and 90% asleep with grunting sound (snoring) hahaha.  Seriously, I’m too comfortable with this trip just because I know I am riding in a Victory Liner bus, the most trusted Bus line going in/out the City of Pines!

The meet-up happened at the second floor of Victory Liner’s Terminal in Baguio City around 6:00 am. A few kilometer ride from the terminal is Azalea Residences- our official residence in Baguio during this 2-day food tour.

A sweet smile from the staff of Azalea Residences welcomed us. Six-hour long ride is nothing simply because of that warm welcome from the people of our official residence in Baguio.

The Tour

Happened on March 02-03, Baguio Food Tour 2014 is an annual event aims to promote Baguio City not just as the Summer Capital of the Philippines but as a dining destination. 

This 2- day Food Tour in the City of Pines was organized by and made possible by Victory Liner and Azalea Residences together with Le Chef at the Manor, Rancho Norte and Happy Tummy in Ketchup Food Community, Alfoncito’s, Tradisyon: Pinoy Comfort Food, Sage, and Rasa Pura. Special thanks to Bencab Museum at Tuba, Benguet.

The Bloggers

Ten (10) Pinoy Travel Bloggers from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao joined the Baguio Food Tour 2014 (BFT2014) event to showcase and treat your eyes with some of the best culinary treats in Baguio City.

“A daring backpacker, mountaineer and adventure seeker. I challenged myself to visit all  the provinces in the Philippines! On August 7, 2013, I've set foot on all the Philippine  provinces..”

Edgar and Ramil – of
“Pinas Muna is a Filipino travel blog created to promote the Philippines as a travel destination by featuring its beautiful landscapes, its rich culture, its vibrant festivals, its delightful culinary treasures, its fun-loving and  hospitable people, and its world-class products. Behind the blog are Ram and Ed, both based in Manila, who  share the same passion for travel. Through this blog, we do not only promote tourism in our country but we also help in the growth of home-based enterprises and small-scale businesses involved in the tourism sector…”

Glen – of
“A simple man who loves traveling, meeting people and learning and experiencing new  language and culture. He has traveled to most countries in Southeast Asia including  Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. His next goal is to travel to    the rest of Asia and beyond…”

Billy – of Galaero Travels
“His love of travel started when he was a kid when his father used to visit their hometown    in Province of Marinduque. The young man always insisted to come along even if his father  didn't want. Since then, he knew to his self that he'll be going to places. As he grow up,  adventures came along his way. He love to join school activities like scouting and never  missed one of it. Traveling has always been his move. From joining competitions during  high school years up to joining Jamborees, this has made an instinct that seems to be  forever and be his passion…”

Stacy – of
“Stacy is a foodie since birth.  She and her family have ventured around food restaurants  ever since she has learned to chew.  She is also proud to share that her mom is a great  home cook and baker, as well as, the best home cooking and baking teacher ever.  She  enjoys different types of food even the raw and exotic ones.  She has a sweet tooth and  loves desserts.  She loves ice cream, cakes and cheese the most…”

Rina- of
“I started Simply Rins during the last quarter of 2009 because I wanted to create an outlet  where I could write about any of my personal tidbits. Soon, I wanted an identity for my  blog. But I was lost on what road to take. A good friend recommended that I just keep on  writing and promised that eventually, I will find what I am looking for. True enough, I  did…”

“I travel not only because I want to see different places, but also because I want to meet  new people, try local delicacies and expose myself to different cultures…”

Sinjin- The Libotero
“Since I was a child, I have always loved to travel… frequent trips to the zoo, road trips  here and there and ferry trips once in a while. I love to explore places… and more  opportunities to explore came when my dad began working in Manila (2002) since we    began spending our summer vacations there a year after (2003). Every summer vacation is  well-planned. For every weekend of our annual month-long (at average) summer vacation,  we visit new places, see new faces and discover new traces of our wonderful and exciting  culture…”

Yeah, Me – The Traveling Morion
“A traveler, diary writer, frustrated photographer, blogger (kuno), a rural development  practitioner, a modern-day nomad…”

Going to the City of Pines? Visit Victory Liner's website at You may also follow them on Twitter @victorylinerinc or contact them at the following numbers:
  • Pasay - (02) 833-4403 / 833-5019 to 20
  • Manila - (02) 559-7735
  • Caloocan - (02) 361-1506 / 361-4665 to 66
  • Kamias - (02) 920-7396
  • Cubao - (02) 727-4688 / 410-8986 / 727-4534

In the next series of posts, i'll let you taste the best of Baguio- Why It’s more fun to visit and eat in the Summer Capital of the Country.

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