#BFT2014 | Where to Eat in Baguio : Rasa Pura

Baguio City is not just a great destination known for its fantastic landmarks but also for its wide array of cuisines and delicious dishes. Today, a plethora of restaurants offer diners with many different choices to indulge their palate.

Rasa Pura Singaporean Restaurant

Rasa Pura Singaporean Seafood Restaurant is one of the newest additions to Baguio’s eclectic dining scene. A charming restaurant serving authentic Singaporean dishes created by Singaporean Master Chef Joseph Teo, Rasa Pura should be on your list of must-try/must-visit restaurants in the city.

Rasa Pura

Rasa Pura Singaporean Restaurant

Feel free to indulge yourself in a sumptuous 4-course meal, starting with soup or some appetizers such as the Traditional Singapore Cold Dish Platter comprised of delectable treats such as century eggs, some veggies, and prawn salad. The prices can be a bit hefty for some items on the menu but the food is heavenly.

Rasa Pura Singaporean Restaurant
The best-tasting Seafood Tofu Soup

Rasa Pura Singaporean Restaurant
Traditional Singaporean Cold Platter

The food also comes in different serving sizes, so diners can choose whether to pick several smaller dishes to sample more items or just a few larger ones. By offering different serving sizes, the restaurant allows you to enjoy their delectable dishes at the price you can afford.

Just like the appetizers and soups they offer, the restaurant serves authentic Singaporean main course dishes.

Rasa Pura Singaporean Restaurant
Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice

Rasa Pura Singaporean Restaurant
Fried Bread Mantao, Veggies Salad Recipe, and Singaporean Ginger Milk Tea

If you haven’t tried eating Singaporean dishes yet, then this is the place where you can sample delicious items like the Singapore Famous Satay, Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee (a noodle dish), Singaporean Chili Crab, Cereal Prawn, Crispy Lemon Chicken Chop, Kangkong in Spicy Singapore Shrimp Paste / Kangkong Sambal, and the Authentic Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Rasa Pura Singaporean Restaurant
Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee

Rasa Pura Singaporean Restaurant
The Famous Satay - Sarap!

Rasa Pura Singaporean Restaurant
Cereal Prawns

Rasa Pura Singaporean Restaurant
Singaporean Chili Crab

Rasa Pura
Steamed Pompano in Tausi - My Top Pick!

Different kinds of drinks are also being offered at Rasa Pura. You’ll find options such as grass jelly, iced jelly with calamansi, bandong, barley water, hot or cold chrysanthemum tea, softdrinks, liquor, and beer.

If there are items on the menu that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask the restaurant’s friendly staff. After all, we aren't expected to know a lot about Singaporean cuisine.

When dining, the ambiance of the restaurant is also an important factor in determining how satisfied the diner will be with the overall experience. Well, in Rasa Pura, you’ll surely enjoy the wonderful ambiance – a classy Asian restaurant with interesting fixtures and d├ęcor that make excellent conversational pieces.

There are also some areas where you can dine with some privacy, partially screened off from the other diners. The place is also spacious enough to accommodate a group celebrating special events such as baptisms, birthdays, graduations, and other occasions.

Rasa Pura Singaprean Seafood Restaurant
Address: 42 CM Recto cor. Leonard Wood, 2600 Baguio City
Phone: 0998 984 8158
Email:  rasapura.nav@gmail.com

Disclosure: Rasa Pura is one of the partner restaurants of Baguio Food Tour 2014.

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#BFT2014 | Happened on March 02-03, this 2day event aims to showcase and treat your eyes with some of the best culinary treats in Baguio City. This is our way to welcome summer 2014 in the country's Summer Capital - Baguio City. This 2- day Food Tour in the City of Pines was made possible by Victory Liner and Azalea Residences together with Le Chef at the ManorRancho Norte and Happy Tummy in Ketchup Food Community, Alfoncito’sTradisyon: Pinoy Comfort FoodSage, and Rasa Pura. Special thanks to Bencab Museum at Tuba, Benguet.

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  1. uy thanks for sharing! we love going to Baguio is always on the look out for a good restaurant to eat while in the city. I'll look for Rasa Pura on our next visit :)

  2. Wow! The Baguio foodie scene just keeps getting better and better. It is really one of my most favourite cities cause of the chill vibes and awesome restaurants~ would really love to come back- and move forward to Sagada!


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