GUEST POST| The Best Honeymoon Resorts in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a wonderful Thai destination where you can enjoy sunshine, fantastic culture, beautiful scenery and ancient history. It is a popular hotspot for honeymoon breaks, so if you are planning a post wedding break to this part of the East, here are a few of the best honeymoon resorts to consider for your getaway. 


Silvadee Pool Spa Resort
With close to 50 rooms and villas the Silvadee Pool Spa Resort is a wonderful place to have a honeymoon break. It is a secluded resort which is more of a retreat than a hotel. It does of course have all of the facilties you would hope for from a fabulous hotel and this resort carries 5 stars so you know that you can expect absolute luxury, as well as excellent weather where this place is based on Lamai Beach. 

Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa
Located in Bophut, the Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa is a 4 star resort with a real appeal to honeymooners who frequent this destination throughout the tourist season. It has been reviewed very positively and is known as a particularly romantic spot in a gorgeous setting.

Renaissance Koh Samui Resort and Spa
This is another opulent 5 star resort on Lamai Beach that draws in honeymooners year after year. Here you can hire out a bungalow and enjoy a private pool in which you can swim, bathe and generally relax. Sea views are available from these chalets too, and you can stroll from your room onto the beach where you will find gorgeous white sand and beautiful blue sea.

Tongsai Bay Cottages and Hotel
On your honeymoon you will no doubt want a little privacy. For that reason it is a good plan to stay in a cottage on your break to Koh Samui. Tongsai Bay and Hotel offers regular rooms at cheaper prices as well as gorgeous holiday cottages which will afford you the privacy that you desire, plus the luxuries that come with a gorgeous Bophut bungalow.

You can find much more information on holidays to koh samui @ so take a look and book a fantastic honeymoon for you and your spouse. You won’t regret choosing Thailand and Koh Samui and if you choose one of these resorts or one on the website mentioned, you are sure to have memories that will last you a lifetime.

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  1. I should definitely go back in Thailand and visit Koh Samui. Great post keep them coming!

  2. I hope someday I could visit Thailand and just hoping and praying so hard to have our next travel destination here at Koh Samui

  3. Beautiful scenery! I will consider these hotels when I plan to go to that wonderful place.

  4. This is definitely a nice private and scenic site for a honeymoon and relaxing.

  5. nice lists!! i would love to have another honeymoon too! anywhere with 2 hour spa and strawberry scrub would be lovely!

  6. Thailand is one of my favorite travel destination. It has some of the most beautiful resort and beaches perfect for honeymooners.

  7. Koh Samui is a dream destination for me! If only airfares weren't that expensive! Anyway, I plan on visiting Thailand again. Hopefully, I'll be Koh Samui bound by then. The place sure looks honeymoon-worthy!

  8. I found you’re blog via Google and I have to say. A Huge Thank you very much, I believed your post was extremely enlightening. I simply couldn’t leave your website before asking suggestions for Koh Samui real estate. I will revisit to see what response I can receive here.

  9. Really useful and very informative post to read this. thanks for sharing this one


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