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Surigao City Guide

Province: Surigao del Norte
Region   : XIII (CARAGA)
9°47′0″N 125°29′0″E (9.783333, +125.483333)
Area Code: 086 (+6386)
Zip Code  : 8400
Currency : Philippine Peso (PHP 1= US$ 0.02)
Language: English| Tagalog

Local Dialect: SURIGAONON. Surigaonon has similar consonant and vowel sounds, stress, intonation patterns to the Cebuano language and Boholano dialect. Surigaonon underwent certain morphophonemic processes, such as assimilation, deletion, alternation and metathesis (Dumanig, 2005). In the study conducted by Dumanig (2005) on Descriptive Analysis of Surigaonon language it was found that there are 18 consonants (b,d,g,h,j,k,l,m,n,ng,p,r,s,t,w,y,o,?) with 18 sounds and 3 vowels (a,i,u) with 5 sounds. It has also 25 consonant clusters (br, bl, bw, by, dr, dy, dw, gr, gw, kr, kl, kw, mw, my, nw, pr, pl, pw, py, sw, sy, tr, tw, ty, hw) and 4 diphthongs (aw, ay, iw, uy), which are similar to the Cebuano language (Rubrico, 1999). There are Surigaonon words that are spelled similarly but they differ in meaning depending on how each syllable is stressed (Dumanig, 2005). Surigaonon language follows two intonation patterns like the rising and falling intonation. The rising intonation is common in asking yes or no questions and the falling intonation occurs in ending declarative and imperative statements (Dumanig, 2005)

Banks:  Bank of the Islands (BPI) | Banco de Oro (BDO)| Philippine National Bank (PNB)| Land Bank  of    the Philippines (LBP| MetroBank|  Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) | EastWest Bank

Hospitals: CARAGA Regional Hospital|  Miranda  Family Hospital| Surigao  Medical Center

Shopping Center|Malls: Gaisano Capital Mall ( Luna, Surigao City)| Parkway Supermarket ( Luna,     Surigao City) | Metro Surigao Shopping Center (Rizal Street, Surigao City)|  UNI City Shopping Center (San Nicolas Street, Surigao City)

Telecommunications: PLDT-PhilComm|SMART| Sun Cellular| Globe| Touch Mobile| Bayantel

  • Airport: Surigao National Airport – 15 minutes from the City Proper| Cebu Pacific Air and Pal Express' schedule HERE.
  • Sea Ports/ and Destination: Lipata Port - going to Maasin Leyte (RORO vessels)| Surigao City Boulevard’s Wharf Area - going to Dinagat Province and Bucas Grande (Lantsa or passenger boats)| Surigao City Port - going to Siargao Islands and Cebu  (RORO/Fastcraft)
  • Inland Transportation : Surigao Integrated Land Transportation terminal- Buses/Multicabs/V-hires/Jeepneys bound to Butuan, Davao, Surigao del Sur, and other neighboring town destinations.

  • Provincial Tourism Office: (63) (086) 237-9271
  • CARAGA Regional Hospital: (086) 1141| Surigao  Medical Center: (086) 1181
  • FIRE: (086) 232-7790
  • POLICE: (086) 826-8552| (086) 826-1305

  • Join and Witness. The Annual Celebration of “Maradjao-Karadjao”Festival (every September 09) – featuring  ethnic Mamanwa’s tribal dance Bonok-Bonok " - the original rain dance. The festival coincide the celebration of the annual fiesta giving thanks to the city's patron Saint Nicolas de Tolentino.
  • Walk. The long stretch of pebble beach while viewing the beautiful sunset (5:30-6:00 pm) in Mabua-Ipil
  • Shoot. The Cantiasay- San Pedro Wooden Bridge - the country’s longest wooden footbridge.
  • Visit.The Floating Village of Day-asan tagged as the little “Venice of Surigao”
  • Explore. Silop and Buenavista Caves
  • Discover. Zaragoza Rock Formations

  • Mt. Bagarabon Hotel and Restaurant. Mabua, Surigao City, Mindanao, Philippines | Contact: +63917 – 8830978, +63917 – 6270191, +63905 – 8060719, +63917– 8511958| | Website:
  • Almont Beach Resort. Barangay Lipata, Surigao City, Mindanao, Philippines | Amenities: RestaurantSwimming Pool | Tel : (63) (086) 826-7544 to 46/Telefax : (63) (086) 826-7547 | Email : | MANILA SALES OFFICE Rm. 704 Cityland Herrera Tower Rufino corner Valero Streets Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines -Tel : (63 2) 817 5751 or 887 1348/ Fax : (63 2) 893 5391 | Website:
  • Parkway Hotel and Restaurant. Km2 Barangay Luna | Surigao City, Surigao City, Mindanao, Philippines | Amenities: Bar/Lounge, Free Breakfast, Free High-Speed Internet, Free Parking,  Restaurant, Room Service, Shuttle Bus service | Tel No: (63) (086) 231 5141 | Email:| Website:
  • The Grande Suites. Ramon Kaimo St., P6 San Juan, Surigao City, Mindanao 8400, Philippines | Amenities:  Free Breakfast, Free High-Speed Internet, Free Parking, Kitchenette, Restaurant, Room Service, Shuttle Bus service, Suites | Tel. no.: (086) 826.6396 Mobile no.: 0939.9169548 / 0917.7001320 / 0932.1463955 | Email: | Website:
  • Hotel Tavern. Borromeo St. | Surigao Boulevard, Surigao City, Mindanao, Philippines | Amenities: Bar/Lounge, Free Breakfast, Free High-Speed Internet, Free Parking, Restaurant, Room Service, Shuttle Bus service, Suites, Wheelchair access | Number of rooms: 33 | Tel No.: (63) (086) 826-3280 | | Website:
  • Le Chard Place Hotel and Breakfast. Km. 4, National Highway | Barangay Luna, Surigao City, Mindanao 8400, Philippines| Amenities: Bar/Lounge, Free Breakfast, Free High-Speed Internet, Free Parking, Kitchenette, Room Service | | Contact: +63 86 231-5107 cell no#09478908891
  • Miami City Suites. San Nicolas corner Borromeo Streets, Surigao City, Mindanao 8400, Philippines | Contact: (63) (086) 826-1108 Mobile nos.: 09081837304| 09174381218| 09228767909
  • E.Y. Suites. E.Y. Bldg., Navarro St., Surigao City, Mindanao, Philippines
  • The Philippine Gateway Hotel. National Highway, Surigao city 8400 | Tel. Nos.: 826-1283, 826-1285, 826-1589, 232-4880 Mobile: 922 441 8508 | Website:

  • Fine Dining:  Philippine Gateway Hotel | Tavern Hotel | Parkway Hotel and Restaurant
  • Sea Food Restaurants:  Ocean Bounty Seafood Market and Restaurant- near to Palma trading/Surigao Public Market | Islands Seafoods Restaurant –Surigao City Sports Complex
  • Fastfood  Chains / Barbeque Places / Grills : Peng U Grill| Mario's Garden Grille| Jollibee |Mc Donalds| Greenwich| Chowking| Lotty Bar B-Q - harbour area| Same Place Barbecue
  • Café : My Place - Borromeo cor. Roxas St.| Bastie Coffee Shop- airport entrance| Mooon Café- Gaisano Capital| Bean, Green & Cream Coffee Shop - in front of Luneta Park


Taste Sayonsong of Marbie's Store in Barangay Ipil. The famous rice delicacy is made from ground sticky rice, peanut, brown sugar and coconut milk. 

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