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I arrived in Surigao City Airport on March 12, 2012. Good to know that our Regional office/staff house- where I am going stay every weekend, is just meters away from the airport. I was welcomed with new working environment and beautiful people- “walang pagkakaiba sa iniwan ko sa Cebu!”
Got the key to my room, arranged the things inside the backpack and 3 other heavy bags (full of books and magazines hehehe) and went to the neighboring Gaisano Capital Mall (bought toiletries and personal stuffs) - ready to start working and exploring Mindanao the following day!

Included in my first 3 days itinerary is to visit the newly-established 3 unit offices and monitor its’ initial operation in the Island of Siargao.


5 minutes after leaving Surigao Port
From Surigao Port we boarded in Montenegro RORO ship going to Dapa Port of Siargao Islands.
    “Mas mabilis pag pumpboat sinakyan nyo. Two to two and half hour lang kung pumpboat o kaya   Angels (the only fastcraft traveling from and to Siargao Island).” The passenger beside me said.
    “Yun nga lang pag Angel ramdam mo ang lakas ng alon at hindi basta alon malaking alon!Mas okey kung  pumpboat, sa gilid lang daan nyan kaya iwas sa malakas at malalaking alon”, he added.
I've just realized, nga pala -"Siargao is the country’s Surfing capital" aydi talagang malalaki ang alon! :)

8 minutes after leaving Surigao Port
one of the controversial Mining Sites in an Island covered by Surigao del Norte
2 hours after leaving Port of Surigao and 2 hours away from Dapa Port
white sand Beach 
White sand Beach, amazing waves, blue water
 We arrived at Dapa with warm welcome and sumptuous dinner (Inihaw na tuna at kinilaw) courtesy of Siargao Area staffs.
Dapa Port, Siargao Islands
Siargao Island is part of Surigao Del Norte Province. It is composed of 7 municipalities namely Burgos, Dapa, Del Carmen, General Luna, San Benito, Pilar, San Isidro, and Santa Monica. Siargao is a tropical Island surrounded by coral reefs while the land is abundant with coconut trees. The Island is facing the Pacific Ocean and situated on the edge of Philippine trench giving it the reputation of being one of the world’s best surfing site. Surfing waves in Siargao is “Cloud 9”- thick and hollow.

Funtastic Pacifico!
"Tropical View" Pacifico, San Benito, Siargao Islands
STILL at Pacifico, San Benito, Siargao Islands
Huge Waves and Rock Formations
Amazing rock formations shaped by strong waves from the Pacific
Fronting the Pacific Ocean
Taktak Falls of Santa Monica

Road under construction
Airphil Express and Cebu pacific flies directly from Manila to Surigao City daily.
From Surigao City| Passenger Boats- LQP and Dapa Express leaves Surigao Boulevard as early as 6:00 am(fare 250 pesos) ; Angel’s Fastcraft at 11:30pm (fare:250pesos plus 10pesos terminal fee) in Surigao Main Port; and Montenegro RORO vessel at 12:00 noon (fare: 250 pesos plus terminal fee)  in Surigao Main Port.
There is also one passenger boat from Surigao Port going to the town of Del Carmen (other entry point to Siargao Island) -  leaves Surigao Boulevard  @ 12:00 noon.
Cebu Pacific directly flies from Cebu to Siargao and if your from Manila take Manila-Cebu-Siargao connecting flight. Visit CebuPac's website for further details.

Habal-habal or motorcycle for hire is the common mode of transportation in the Island. There are also tricycles and jeepneys (with 2 scheduled trips) but will only leave in the terminal if seats are full. The entire mainland of Siargao Island can be traveled in less than 6 hours using motorcycle. Be ready for muddy,dusty, and rocky travel as the roads are still under construction pero sabi ko nga SULIT! 
What a "cloud nine" experience, Siargao is indeed beautiful!


  1. thank you for sharing the different ways of going to Siargao... now I have an idea on how I can get there... :)

  2. tnx Bro. Mervs for dropping here! Siargao is really interesting, byahe kana dito:)

  3. I'm now listing down Siargao in my go-to list! :)

  4. thanks for the info bro =D

  5. helpful! we were about to book to siargao but we cannot find a very detailed how to go to diff places. will surely share this to my friends!

  6. @Elal Jane- kylan punta nyo ng Siargao? inform me, sana weekend so i could join:)

  7. @Orville and mich- ty blogging buddies:) tnx for dropping here,,, just visited ur page:)

  8. This is really cool.
    I love nature trippin' and travelling.
    Will be visiting here for more adventure updates (and motivation). :)

  9. Wow, love the photos! :D They look really refreshing especially that it's super hot these days. Anyway, I'm not a big water lover since I'm not good in swimming, but I'd love to learn surfing in the future. Would love to visit Siargao too :D

  10. very beautiful photos.
    I want to go there!!!! :)

  11. thanks for sharing.. i want to visit Siargao na..

  12. Nice post! Thanks for sharing:)

  13. Siargao really is an ultimate tourist attraction. I'll add this place to my bucket list.

  14. I bookmarked you post so that when the opportunity comes na makapunta ng Surigao eh naka ready na ako! Salamat!

  15. I am a proud Mindanaoan but my ged...I've never been to Siargao...tagal ko na plano pumunta dito eh di lang natutuloy kasi may mga problemang dumarating bigla-bigla...I've been to Butuan many times...pero Surigao hindi pa...

    now I feel frustrated na....!!!

  16. Wow! It's been a decade since the last time I stepped into Surigao and that was when I'm still a kid, travelling from Davao to Manila by bus and ferry.

    I might add this one in my getaway
    s in the future.

  17. nice, i haven't been to siargo yet! maybe i should hit there now while you are still there for a free tour guide haha. how was the RORO experience? i'm considering taking a RORO too!

    1. sure atty. Mheanne just email me or pm @ fb;) ok lng sa roro relaxing kc may business clss cla un nga lang sobrang haba ng byahe almost 4 hours

  18. Bro, ung mga naunang pictures mo sa taas mukang kalma naman 'yong dagat ha, hehe... Nag-surf ka na rin ba dito? Hmmm... sad to know that there is an on going island mining there. Stop MINING! pumupunta lang ang profit niyan sa piling tao at hingi sa nakakarami, tsk tsk....

    Ok ikaw na, ako na ang inggit sa trabaho mo, LOL!

  19. ang ganda...pero ang layo puntahan, di ata kaya ng powers ko. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  20. I have to put that place in my bucket list! Waterfalls and strong wavy beaches are my kind of thing

  21. reading your post suddenly made me miss surfing. I only went as far as La Union for this. I hope I can ride the waves in Siargao. And Baler.

  22. The beach really looks nice, no wonder why it attracts tourists. It's a great option for people looking for good vacation spots this summer.

  23. mukhang mahirap magmotor sa rough road na dinaanan nyo, bro ah... love the beach view... tatalas lang ng bato... hehe. nice shots, bro. Yahweh bless.

  24. Siargao, i shall see you soon :)

  25. I've always had a soft spot for rock formations in the beach. I think they're really beautiful except kung masugatan ka.

  26. ganda ng mga photos,it really makes you want to visit the place.Philippines truly has a lot of best tourist spot to visit

  27. Love the pix. I miss seeing those green mountains ringed with white sand beaches. Time to go on a boat ride. :)

    I have plans of going to Surigao later this year via Agusan. I hope to see these scenes too. Thanks for the transpo tips. I'll make a mental note of it.

  28. I haven't been to Siargao yet but I would love to see their white sand beach and experience the giant waves. I hope that will happen very very soon.

  29. Wow! Those are big waves. Surigao looks really beautiful and I would love to witness those big waves, but I don't think I have guts to try surfing. I am not really a swimmer. Lol.

  30. @ Alex go na! i am staying here in surigao city en goin to siargao atleast once a month inform me bka available so i could join u!
    @bro edmar, iluv mindanao! same cents lalo na pag andito ka, ang ganda ng mindanao sana wag sirain ng MINING!
    @ Eugene, cool ang summer at weather dito sa surigao--- tirik ang araw pero indi lalampas ang 24 hours ng hindi uulan:)

  31. If only I have the ways and means to travel like you. This place is exceptionally beautiful (except for a fact that I don't know how to swim and I'm afraid of water, hehe)

  32. Tnx guys for dropping here;) will publish my second post about siargao (featuring surfing capital Gen. Luna) hopefuly dis mant...

  33. I love the jumping and crashing of the waves against the rockies////:-)


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