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October 29, 2011. To be exact I am now on the 3rd week of vacation, after a major operation due to acute appendicitis. I will be back to Cebu (for my work assignment) on November 16.  Time to rest and great bonding moments with my wife and baby. I’ve realized that every day without work seems so long. My body wants to go back to work and travelling as soon as possible.

To end this boredom, we decided to spend this week's saturday roaming -around Manila’s known “pasyalan”.

Instead of bus, we took the taxi cab ride to avoid long time of waiting "sa pila". As usual the driver offered fixed rate. Offer starts at 500 pesos (masyadong mahal alabang to quirino?), after 5 minutes of tawaran, he agreed at 300 pesos.

Our first destination was the first and the oldest zoo in Asia- The Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden. The famous zoo opened its door to the public on July 25, 1959 as educational center wherein viewing public can observe, discover and learn interesting facts.

Manila zoo is now far different from what it is when I first visited (1997?). I remembered giraffe, orangotan,
lions, tigers, in well maintained cages and clean environment compared to what I’ve saw this time. 
 No more Giraffes, where are the lions? Where are the other animals? 
The zoo aims to educate but its current situation seems unpleasant to viewing invitees. 


Some says closing the zoo and putting-back the animals to their natural habitat are the answers. Releasing the animals in the wild? How they will survive if they are not trained to hunt?Closing is an exaggerated recommendation - for a zoo that served and continuously serving since 1959. There must be done to maintain the safety and welfare of the animals to make this place more suitable for them and to avoid criticisms.

Malay Civet Cat

Palawan Bear Cat

Maali is 34 years old Sri Lankan Elepant 

donated to the zoo when  she was 3 years old.
Additional  Information:
Kinder Zoo
Entrance Fee – P100
Free Entrance for Children below 2 years old.
Manila Zoo
Admission Fee:
Adult – P40
Children (4 ft above) – P40
Children (below 4ft) – P20


  1. will be definitely visiting this place with my son soon and early quarter next year.:-). Nice post bro...:-).

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  3. I've been to Manila Zoo many times, I really enjoyed visiting places like that. The zoo may need a little improvement in taking care of animals.


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