2011 Fourth Summer Destination| Marinduque- my home

April 21-24, 2011
Malinao, Torrijos, Marinduque
Four days stay in Marinduque (my home province) was an unforgettable vacation. Reunions, meeting old time buddies and going back to  dating tambayan are precious moments in this busy days of my life…

Summer is an exciting season for me when I was a child. Dry rice fields during summer serves as our playground for Patintero and Sipa; the Batis or Lalao serves as our swimming pool to freshen-up after long day of play and gala. Lastly, just imagine forest and hills with bounty native fruits such as buko,duhat, bayabas and aratiles.

"This is the place where I wrote my first literature... not just the place where I was born, this is the place of my memories and inspiration…"

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