The Top Fitness Exercises for Tennis Players: How to Improve Your Forehand and Power

Tennis is a physically demanding sport that requires a variety of skills for optimal athletic performance on the court. To acquire these skills, you’ll need a purpose-driven training program that is specifically geared toward tennis players.

PAL flies an all-female flight to Guam

Philippine Airlines (PAL) flew an all-female flight crew for its March 22 PR110 Manila-Guam and March 24 PR111 Guam - Manila flights to participate in the celebration of International Women’s Month. In command of the flight to Guam was Capt. Emmie Inciong-Ragasa, assisted by First Officer Lilybeth Tan - Ng. 

A selfie before boarding the aircraft 

Is it Possible to Make Money on Crypto Trading in 2023?

Cryptocurrency trading attracts many people, as this area is perhaps one of the most profitable on the market. Crypto trading has a considerable advantage over traditional investing: the fact is that a trader can make a profit regardless of the market trend, while an investor can count on income only if the market grows. For example, on the CHZ to USDT trading pair, you can either short or buy long and earn constantly.

MassKara Festival 2022 Schedule of Events and Activities, History and Travel Guide

The annual Masskara Festival takes place in October in Bacolod, Philippines. It is a well-known festival that is exceptionally vibrant. The title is derived from the words "mass," which means crowd, and "cara," which means face, and implies "many faces." Bacolod City acquired the title "The City of Smiles" as a result of the performers' wearing colorful and cheery masks.

Masskara Festival 2022

Top Things to Do in Orlando, Florida

Orlando is best known for Disney World and Universal Studios but aside from these renowned theme parks, there are more than a hundred things to do in the city including aquatic experiences, which explains the popularity of boat rides. Over 60 million tourists visit Orlando each year, given that the city is recognized for its delectable cuisine and superb restaurants. Due to its warm climate, shopping centers, and stunning nighttime scenery, Orlando should undoubtedly be at the top of your list of vacation destinations.

Best Travel Destinations in New Orleans

The March Madness betting odds will start to roll out after the NCAA Tournament field is announced, and this year’s tournament will end in New Orleans, Louisiana. The NCAA Tournament is always a huge deal for sports fans, and the Final Four location plays a big role.

Since this year’s tournament is set to take place in New Orleans, now would be a great time to take a closer look at the city. New Orleans is considered a top travel destination in the United States, but you might not know why.

Top Casino Destinations When Visiting the Philippines

Several Asian countries are quickly becoming the new preferred gambling destinations for tourists, such as the Philippines. Some experts say it is on the verge of a booming casino industry with increasing numbers of casual foreign players and high-rollers alike. Now that it has gotten over the COVID-19 obstacle, business will pick up. 

The country also boasts about having one of the best Online Casino offerings in the region. Although most of the country's physical casinos are located in Manila, there are many great destinations throughout the islands that are worth visiting. 

Best NCAA Tournament Travel Destinations

When the March Madness bracket is unveiled on Selection Sunday, fans of participating teams finally get to find out where they will be headed. Games are scattered all throughout the country, and this adds to the excitement of the event. 

For those that simply love to travel, the NCAA Tournament provides some great opportunities as well. The NCAA chooses some of the top cities in the country each year to host games, and some top travel destinations are included. 

What Is The Best Country To Visit For Live Tennis?

There are arguments in favour of many countries as being the best to visit for live tennis. Britain has Wimbledon, France, the USA and Australia all have Opens while the Olympics and other competitions move around. Here are a few suggestions about the best countries to visit for live tennis and why.

Exploring Various Moscow Attractions

Moscow is definitely an amazing city that has a lot to offer. There are great tourist attractions and extraordinary locations. Some of these are of precious importance for the historical, political, and cultural traditions of the entire country and world. Visit Visa Express for information about visa for Russia

5 Breathtaking Volcanoes to Visit in The Philippines

Owing to its proximity to the iconic ‘’Ring of Fire’’, the Philippines remains a hotspot for tourism including volcano tourism. Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes have shaken the locals for years, but that has not stopped the influx of both domestic and foreign visitors. Although volcanic explosions are terrifying, the Philippines' volcanoes are gorgeous, with incredible scenery and features. In fact, several inactive volcanoes have been transformed into tourist destinations with a wide range of activities. If you want to see these stunning volcanoes, keep reading because we will reveal to you five of the most breathtaking volcanoes in the Philippines!


Moriones Festival 2020 Schedule of Events and Travel Guide

In Marinduque, locals and tourists celebrate Holy Week with a little more life and color, through the Moriones festival. During this Easter week, the streets are filled with "Morions" or men and women dressed in Moriones costumes, complete with props of masks and shields. Throughout the festival, the Morions not only parade their bizarre outfits and eye-catching centurion masks, but they also engage with the crowd through a dance routine, sword fights, and even pranks and surprises.

Moriones Festival 2020